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Spring has finally sprung up here in the mountains!  I know, most you have been in full bloom since late April, but up here, it’s a late occurrence and last week our Aspen trees finally bloomed giving us some new life up here.  My lavender plants on the other hand – well, let’s just say that most are still pretty dormant save for a leaf or two that are turning from the standard dead-brush brown to silvery gray/green.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I was dreaming up a lavender farm up here.  Sure, they do great up here when they come back to life, but the growing season is so short up here that when most people are harvesting their lavender in June, I’m just starting to see them grow and don’t usually harvest until September.  Ah well, still fun to tend to in the short season.

This past weekend we hosted a good friend of mine up in the mountains.  She lives “down the hill” as we say and she wanted a change of zip codes, so to speak, to get a sense of a holiday weekend as she had to work today.  What I love about her is that she doesn’t need to be entertained…she is happy just sitting, enjoying the view, reading, journaling, chatting, etc. – the simple things.  This makes hosting oh-so-easy and allows me to also do the same relaxing.  And there was lots of food to be had – from quiche and homefries to grilled sausages and homemade sweet potato fries to grilled chicken souvlaki/gyros to buttermilk pancakes.  And homemade mojitos…perfect for a sunny weekend!  This type of weekend beats any outing in my book.  We had a great time.

So the bear…oh the bear…it’s back.  Actually, I think it’s more of an off-spring.  There is a very active online community up here that we refer to often when trying to figure out where a wildfire might be to who’s a recommended tree cutter to where to get our local fresh eggs (which taste awesome by the way – yolks are buttery/creamy – like no eggs I’ve ever eaten!).  Well, this online community has been chatting up about a mama bear and her two cubs lately.  I have no way of knowing if the bear I encountered last week was part of that family, but I assumed it was just another bear.  Well last night, after my friend left for home, we had our deck doors open in the evening and our husky Sierra outside on the deck – her favorite place.  All of a sudden we hear a loud menacing bark and I looked at David puzzled and asked “was that Sierra?” because she never barks so we don’t hear it often but this even sounded different from her rare “leave me alone” bark that she uses to get Zoe off of her.  I heard a thud similar to the sound I heard when the bear visited last week and was climbing the deck. We jumped up, turned on the deck light and brought out flashlights.  Sure enough, we saw a smaller bear running away and up a tree.  Looked about the size of our dog, much smaller than what I encountered earlier.  Perhaps this was another bear?  Perhaps this was the cub of the mama bear?  Needless to say, we have to be extra careful.  Last week’s visit was clearly not a one-time fluke.  This time, however, was much more calmer – I wasn’t being woken up in the middle of a dead sleep, I wasn’t alone and it wasn’t on our top deck, so this time was much more intriguing.  I charged the camera on my battery and waited, but no further visits happened.  Our good girl Sierra scared it away which is what needs to happen for the safety of everyone/every animal involved.

So our car is sick…we share a’99 Volvo and it has cost us a LOT of money over time.  Parts and service are expensive.  It is a pill.  But after David’s truck was totalled, we had no choice but to stick it out.  We’ve been fortunate that it’s been running smooth for the past year or two, no major fixes needed, but on our way up the hill from running last minute errands on Friday, it started to overheat and shake and shimmy.  No bueno.  It doesn’t help that the closest Volvo dealer is an hour away.  So we’ll get it checked out tomorrow hopefully.  But now we’re trying to figure out how much money we further sink into it before calling it quits and getting a newer vehicle?  As it is, we need to replace the brakes and get new tires…fixes that will cost no less than $500; then if we have another $500-$1000 in expenses, we have the tough decision of paying it out and holding onto the car for as long as possible (and hope it lasts us another 50K-100K miles) or trade it in and get a used vehicle (which could then cost us $200-$300/month in car payments).  Even if all the fixes came to $1,500 it could last another year vs. a car payment that could cost us $2,400-$3,600/year.  I don’t know.  Sure it would be nice to have a newer, fancier vehicle that is more reliable and gives us peace of mind but does it justify the extra cost.  *sigh*  Did I mention that my cell phone kicked the bucket this week and my power cord for my laptop also took its last electronic breath this week.  Not a good week for the wallet, but hopefully the rule of “everything happens in 3′s” is complete.  Unplanned expenses just plain suck.

Speaking of sick, that is the state of my husband.  Today is our wedding anniversary and we started off the morning in urgent care.  He is sweetly apologetic about being sick on our anniversary, but I reminded him that this is a true testament to marriage – taking care of one another.  We spent the day napping and watching TV (which – by the way – is going very well!  Don’t miss cable at all).

So remember how I was taking an ice skating class and trying to get past the misery?  Well it finished and we signed up for another.  I actually look forward to skating and getting my technique down.  The only issue I’m having is with skating backwards and cross-overs but keep trying and going to the practice skate session to figure it out.  I mentioned that I have always wanted to learn how to speed skate but needed to learn how to not only stand but skate around without losing my balance.  Last week we went to a public skate session and be still my beating heart, there were two speed skaters there.  I mustered up the courage to approach them about their history with speed skating and they were delightful to talk to.  They even gave me a business card of one of the two rinks in Colorado that has speed skating sessions and I think I might check it out!  I can’t believe that 2 months ago, I could barely stand on the ice, now I’m actually thinking about joining a speed skating group?  Crazy.  I think I’ll continue my 2nd skating class and learn those crossovers before I try my hand at speed skating.  However, I’m proud of myself for pushing past the fear and the tears, for continuing on with something I had loathed and now I really enjoy.  Go figure!

One final thought.  I know some of you might be wondering “what happened to Friday shop updates” and “are you even doing art anymore?”  After we went away to Rocky Mtn. National Park, I needed to do some thinking and planning with regards to my business.  So I took a break from creating, hence no shop updates.  I found I was all over the place and inundating myself with ideas so much so that I was feeling overwhelmed and getting nothing accomplished.  I’m also one of those weird types that can’t focus if my environment is cluttered.  Having a visitor stay with us for a weekend gave us the final push to organize our downstairs, finally donate the bags and boxes of goods that had filled up our guest room and clean up my studio which looked like a tornado had descended upon.  Now I feel like I can refocus and jump back into it again.  I’ve been fortunate to have received custom orders in the past couple weeks, but I need to list new items again, so expect to see a Friday shop update this week!

Okay, enough of the random ramblings.  Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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So you probably think that some mountain-living, eco-artist, environmental hippie like myself would loathe TV…right?  Wrongo.  I love TV.  Well, to be truthful, I have a love/hate relationship with TV.

I become zombified easily with TV.  It soaks up my free time.  I get sucked into stupid-reality-esque shows that have absolutely zero positive impact on my life.  They are just time sucks.  And really, TV makes time, (as in hours!) evaporate and then I wonder why even a home-based artist like myself doesn’t have time for the things I really want to do, like read and journal and play games with my husband.  A night full of TV leaves me feeling like I’ve just had a way too hefty portion of a way too bad-for-me dessert: guilty, tired and blah.

Sure, there are shows that are fun that my husband and I watch for a good laugh.  There are other shows that are inspirational and get my butt working out and eating healthier.  But for the most part, the other shows are a complete waste of time and take me away from what I really want to be doing.  Because its easy to sit on the couch allll night long.

David and I have talked a LONG time about reducing our cable consumption.  We used to have a cable bill that was easily over $100/month and a bazillion channels (most of which we never watched), but slowly and surely we kept cutting it down, down, down until our most recent plan which was $40.

When TV antennas were replaced with digital ones last year, we wanted to spring for one but our location in the mountains is just not conducive to picking up airwaves.  We talked about going cold turkey and only resorting to Hulu, YouTube and movies, but that seemed a little too drastic.  I mean, we still love certain shows.

One thing we did notice is that most of our favorite shows were on the big networks and not on cable but our satellite provider didn’t show any reduced plans online.  In fact, they didn’t even show our current plan as an option.  And wouldn’t you know, when my husband called to inquire, they had an unadvertised “major networks, local stations only” option…for $10/month.  Now that is quite a savings.

Now I won’t to be able to watch Project Runway or Ultimate Fighter, Trading Spouses or Cake Boss…but really, did these shows really deserve several hours a week of my time?  And sure, now that we are going into the summer, I’m craving time outside…whether it be reading a book on the deck, working on gardening/landscaping (something I’ve been escaping the past 3 years but really want to tackle) or doing crossword puzzles or a game of chess with David.  So it will be much easier to do now than during the cold, snowy winter months, but no time like the present to get accustomed to new habits.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the highs and lows of our reduced-TV project.  Meanwhile, let’s see if I can stay away from Hulu long enough to avoid streaming hours of old SNL skits! ;)

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At long last…fresh, local eggs!

The one to the right is long and skinny, the one to the left is short and fat; have a couple light green ones in there too!

You may recall a couple months ago that I was trying to get more involved with the local movement with regards to food.

I joined a CSA, tried to get local bison/buffalo (unfortunately the local farm outsourced to a faraway farm- though we are still looking at all our options) and had made arrangements to get local eggs.  However, trying to get a consistent person to sell me their eggs wasn’t working.  One person selling local eggs on our local online community never returned my call.  The second person failed to give me good directions to their house and when I left a message asking for clarification, they never called me back!  Do these people not want my business?  We’re talking weekly cash (and between us and our dogs, we typically go through 3 dozen a week!).  At that point I gave up.

We were getting decent Colorado free-range eggs at the local health food store, so I was fine with that, though I really wanted fresh, local eggs from a member of the community whose business I could support.  Finally someone came through, we met up this morning and I’m soooooo happy!  They cost the same as the ones I was buying, but are super fresh (not weeks in a fridge/processing facility) and I feel good supporting a local member of the community.  And the yolks…so deep and rich in color.  Looks like straight beta-carotene.

Oh the quiche I’ll be making!

**CSA doesn’t start until mid-June and it’s our first time participating; will be sure to post lots of pics and stories of the experience.

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Stupid, stupid, stupid!


You know those moments when you make a bad judgment call only to have the inevitable happen and then you smack your forehead and think to yourself, what the hell was I thinking?

Well I’m ashamed to admit that this happened to me at about 2:15 this morning…and I’ll put aside my ego to share this story, if not a lesson.

Peanut, our older pug barks at her shadow.  The wind will set her off.  And usually it’s a somewhat muffled “oof”…so when she started barking in the middle of the night with her standard low alarm “oof” I tried to quiet her.  She was relentless and I was admittedly getting cranky (for the record, few things make me crankier than getting my sleep interrupted, hence no kids for me!).  Then Sierra, our very quiet shepherd/husky mix started pacing between our bedroom and living room.  This got my attention.  Then I heard a noise.  Nothing loud or startling, but a noise nonetheless.

Our main floor is a great room (kitchen, dining room, living room all in one open space) connected to our bedroom, both rooms having french doors that open out to our top deck.  We have two isolated decks; that is, no stairs connect them and no stairs lead to our upper deck.  I walked out to our great room, to the french doors and turned on the deck light to see if I saw anything.

Not only did I see something, but a very large bear about a foot away from the door (about 15 feet from the door to our bedroom where I was just sleeping).  He (we’ll assume a male identity for the sake of this story), when on all fours was still about 3 1/2″ tall (I know this because he was taller than the bottom of my raised garden box which is 3′ tall.  And since french doors are all glass, I have a full view of him.

Here is the stupid, stupid, stupid part.  We basically invited him to come visit.  David can take our trash to work but yesterday he came back with it as the trash bins at work were full.  Sometimes in this situation, we’ll put in our utility room (an uncarpeted room in our downstairs where laundry is); however, many times we’ve set it out on our deck.  I KNOW, I KNOW…bears are attracted to trash.  But never in my wildest dreams did I think a bear would climb up the log of our deck and heave its heavy body over the railing to get to the top deck.  And in our nearly 4 years up here, I’ve never seen a bear, though I know they’re around and I think this complacency let us put our guards down and make a very poor decision to put the trash on the deck even for this one night.

So now I’m in a state of panic; in my mind, I believe the bear is going to push through the french doors and attack us (the dogs and I) and all I can think about is where to hide (not very logical, but this is all within the span of a couple of seconds, mind you).  What I forget is that bears are more spooked of us than we can ever be of them.  I immediately pick up the phone and call my husband at work to help me figure out what to do.  Being that he is not in the situation and is of sane mind, he calmly instructs me to make some noise (and tuck the dogs in the bathroom so as not to attract the bear).  By the time I dragged my very reluctant dogs into the bathroom, grabbed some pots and pans and went back over to the window, he was gone.  Light as a feather.  I imagine he jumped off.

Now I was crying out of sheer terror.  To think that just the night before it was warmer and I had left my bedroom door to the deck open a bit so that Sierra could go in and out (she likes to hang out on the deck and prefers the cool air).  Perhaps that would have deterred the bear, but if she was inside at that moment, the bear could have easily walked inside where the bed is only a few feet away.  Because it’s not hot enough up here that often, no one has AC in their houses, but on the warmer days and with full sun exposure, it can get quite toasty so it’s not at all uncommon to have both french doors wide open all day/night (thankfully we don’t get mosquitos/bugs up here).  I really have to rethink this now.  Granted, we won’t be stupid enough to EVER leave trash outside again, but I don’t think I can get any shut eye with those doors open knowing that a bear can climb this deck like a set of stairs.

You can see paw print at bottom of picture only a couple feet away from the door

So there I am, at 2:30 in the morning, pitch black, scooping up shredded trash and fearful that the limber bear will pop out at any moment.  Now I’m completely paranoid.

Sigh. I hate when your relaxed state of living gets shaken to the core.  Rocks complacency into paranoia.

I got a big scare (probably one of the scariest moments of my life) and I deserved itLesson learned.  I live in bear country.  They do exist.  I am on their turf.

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A couple posts back I mentioned that I’ve joined two organizations that connect people across the globe via two methods: distinct penpals and one-time-only postcards.

The distinct penpal is a neat way to get to know a complete stranger who might be across state lines or across the world.  So far I’ve written to someone in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Maryland and Las Vegas.  I’ve initially received mail from the young woman in Singapore and it was fascinating hearing her life story summed up in 3 pages.  I only received it a couple days ago but I’ve been thinking about her a lot since receiving – wondering what hour of the day it is there, what the global economy is like, the culture, the food.  Makes me wanna jump on a plane and visit.

I know my letter to Hong Kong arrived and my penpal there has one incoming – it’s so exciting to receive a piece of happy mail rather than bills and junk mail.  There are a lot of penpal organizations out there, but the one I’m using is free: Going Postal

The one-time postcard deal is a really neat way to send/receive postcards from all over the world and you’re not committed to writing that person back.  You send out a postcard to a member randomly generated and when they receive and register your card that you’ve sent them, your name gets generated to someone else entirely.  So far, I’ve sent postcards to Netherlands, Germany, Puerto Rico, NY, Russia and Portugal.  I received my first postcard today from Taiwan and 2 other of my postcards have been registered so I know I have 2 more incoming – from where is anyone’s guess.  Here is the organization I go through, also free: Postcrossing

It’s easy to get wrapped up in one’s own world; especially me who lives in the quiet mountains and often can stay in my house for a week at a time without leaving.  However, I have a passion for world cultures, an appreciation of different races and ethnicities and I can’t wait to be in a financial position to travel to all of these places.  And though you may not have time to sit down and write a letter, a postcard takes about a minute…and think about how happy you’ll be to receive a happy thought directed at you in your mailbox on occasion?

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So, no updates to my shop this week as I was taking some much needed time off (and now that I’m back, I’m happy to jump back in to business stuff…funny how a little time off can refresh you!) :)

However, as part of my role as co-editor for the business tips section for my Etsy team, EcoEtsy, I wrote up a pretty in-depth article on getting published (as in getting one of your pieces published or getting your business written up).  If this applies to you or peaks your interest, you can read it here.

Yesterday, we woke up to more snow in Estes Park, but the blue sky was trying to peak out.  Since it was our last day there and it was the only chance to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, we made a go of it.  Unfortunately, due to the weather, most of the park was closed and we could only drive in about 5 miles of the park before having to turn around, but the views were still beautiful(even with most of the peaks cloaked in clouds).  I was still happy that my $20 went to support the park system.

And before we left, it started snowing again but the elk didn’t seem to mind.

We got home in the afternoon when it started snowing and woke up to about 6 inches of snow this morning.  Although the sunshine of this morning melted most of it, it’s snowing again.  That’s okay with me right now…the more moisture, the better our chances of fewer wildfires this summer.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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My husband and I will be celebrating our 8th anniversary at the end of May and for several years, we got stuck in this trap of not doing anything to celebrate it.   We just got busy with life and next thing you know, it would be the day of our anniversary and we felt a bit sad at not having planned anything.  A couple years ago we made a pact to always go somewhere for our anniversary to make it special and not just let it pass.

This year it just so happens that our anniversary is on Memorial Day and a holiday weekend gives hotels/vacation spots justification to jack rates.  Not to mention that my husband had a work conflict.  So we decided to move it up a couple weeks and it just so happens to be my birthday this week so we figured it would tie in well.

This year, we planned a trip up to Estes Park, the town at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park.  I figured I could get some beautiful shots of the mountains this time of year as we finally move into spring.  However, Mother Nature was not on our side!

We read a couple days before leaving that it would likely snow and being that its at the base of RMNP (hello!) we figured we ought to be safe and pack our winter gear, boots, gloves, etc.  It also helps that we made reservations to stay in a cabin at the local YMCA camp (where I’ve spent many a retreat at and absolutely love) so we would be able to cook our own food and have the dogs with us.  We brought enough food for breakfasts in our cabin, brought items to pack sandwiches for lunch (in hopes that the snow would hold off so we could go hiking) and brought all the requisite hiking snacks.  We figured we’d eat dinner out at night.

When we arrived, we knew were in trouble as the main road leading into Estes Park starts up high and descends down into town, offering amazing views.  However, we couldn’t spot any mountains as the cloud cover was so low and it just had that feeling in the air that told us it would snow at any moment.  We arrived at the camp and settled into our cozy 400 sq. ft. cabin for the evening as David hadn’t slept from his shift the night before and was exhausted.

At first I was a little disappointed that our cabin was on the main road and not tucked into the roads as I had hoped; but on second hand, we were close enough to the main area and lodges to catch the wi-fi signal – not available for outlying cabins – which would prove to be quite valuable to us.  Did I mention there is no TV here?

Elk with tag-along bird in the field across the road from our cabin

In the afternoon, I took pictures of elk as they walked just feet away from our cabin and onto the field to chomp on the grass as if they were loading up on snacks.  I spent a nearly sleepless night on our full-sized (read: tiny) bed with David and 2 dogs who are used to sleeping in the bed (however, there is usually only of us sleeping in the bed at any time and it’s a King-size at home so we are all used to having a lot of space; I fully admit I’m spoiled on that front).  David was too tired from having no sleep from the last 24 hours to notice.

Tuesday morning

When we awoke, it had started snowing and upon checking the forecast online, it indicated that we were due to get 1-3 feet.  The crazy thing is that I’ve always loved having a mid-May birthday.  Growing up in Connecticut, my birthday always magically fell on a sunny, spring day – the kind where you were able to drive around with the windows down and wear tank-tops or short sleeves with nary a chill except for in the evenings.  I’ve come to experience a new kind of birthday experience since moving to Colorado 5 years ago, one that is often greeted with snow.  Accepting a new normal.

But now I was a bit cranky.  This was cutting into our hiking time, our national park time, long walks with our dogs, etc.  However, living in the mountains as we currently do has prepped us with dealing with no power, no water, no road access.  So we jumped in the car before the weather got too rough, headed over to the grocery store and stocked up with enough goods that would provide us with dinners and additional food should the storm last a while and we needed to stay an extra day.  Basically, we planned to hunker down in our cabin for the rest of the week.

Our cozy cabin - only $99/night and free on the 3rd night!

And it snowed.  About a foot or so.  Nothing killer and certainly nothing to hold us mountain folk back.  But it was enough to prevent us from going into the park; there were no mountains to see, after all, and the main road in the park was shut down, so what’s the point?  And sure, perusing cute little shops on Main Street is, well, cute…but spending excess money is not what we need to be doing on one income (I say one income because my little slush fund from my business just can’t really be counted as anything significant at this point).

So we ate.  And napped.  And watched the snow.  We listened to Pandora music online, watched rented movies (on our laptop), played board games and did crossword puzzles together.  We played with our dogs, watched the snow some more and talked over coffee.

This morning

It’s been quite lovely actually.  There is no TV to distract us.  No business to tend to.  No mail to get, laundry to wash, people to catch up with.  Nothing.

Some would find this unbelievably boring.  We are so happy, actually.  This is what an anniversary get-away should be.  Time focused on each other.  Being comfortable being at the pace of snow floating down to the ground.

Although we very much love our TV and aren’t planning to give it up anytime, we both agree that this trip would not have been the same if we had a TV in our cabin.  We’ve had time to get to those deep, meaningful conversations including where do we want to move to next (we are nomadic spirits), to how much we want to downsize our house and give away a good portion of our belongings, to whether working 10 hours a day on my business is really helping me get to a more simplistic life.

I don’t really want to leave frankly.  Things here are so, well, simple.  Uncomplicated.  Life at home, as much as I try to portray it, isn’t simple or calm or peaceful.  I’ve just accepted a new way of being busy, however more pleasant than working for someone else, but still busy.  And still the dishes don’t get done, the laundry is still in piles, and I’m not doing some of the things I set out to do when I left the corporate world.  And though I’m physically there, I’m often not any more interactive with David than I was when I was working because I’m still in business mode.  Still trying to adjust to life.  Does that ever change?

Regardless, this trip has been wonderful and just what we both needed.  And though I’m very fortunate to not have to work for “the man,” I still has some conversations to work out in my head about what I want to be doing, what’s best for our relationship and how to silence the inner critic and ladder climber.

And its still snowing…and I’m sad to leave tomorrow.  But grateful for this week.

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I've been spending a lot of time online lately trying to source free vintage images, like this beauty

Sorry I haven’t been very insightful or chatty lately.  Last thing I want this blog to be about is just my business.  But frankly, it’s where I’ve been directing all my energy as of late and luckily, things have picked up.  I actually might make enough money each month to take another skating class or go to more events!  :)  It’s all about love for what you do and I truly love what I do…and that brings me immense happiness.

A couple posts ago, I mentioned how sometimes blog posts come flooding to me and other times it’s crickets.  Well, it’s just been a lil’ chirpy as of late.  But I want to keep you entertained/intrigued, so I’ll get back to blogging more; and with a trip to Rocky Mtn. National Park coming up in the near future, well there’s bound to be lots of pics and blogging at that point!  I love to blog when travelling!

Oh, and I just want to tell everyone about a fun lil’ thing I joined.  I’ve mentioned I love mail art and wanted a way to share it.  Well, I found an organization called Post Crossing and once you sign up, you can send up to 5 postcards out at a time, to random people who this organization sends to you (who have also signed up); they don’t know you’re sending them something but then they get a fun surprise in the mail from someone usually across the world (your contact info isn’t on there either, just an ID which they register on the site upon receiving your card and once they do, then the site releases your name/info to someone else and then you get fun mail.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something from someone random wishing you a good day or heck, just getting anything in the mail other than bills and junk mail?  Remember the excitement of getting personalized letters/cards from long ago?  Well, this is something fun to check out!  So far I’ve sent a postcard to someone in Germany and someone in the Netherlands; next is Puerto Rico, Russia and…drumroll please…Schenectady, NY!  Okay, so maybe that last one isn’t very exotic sounding but I’m game with local and international “pen pals” – though this is not a recurring pen pal situation; more like a random act of kindness thing.

If you’re interested in learning more, go to: http://www.postcrossing.com/  I’ll be sure to post pics of the fun international and local mail I receive!

So here’s what I’ve been up to art-wise this past week:

Gift Wrap accessories - gift tags made with recycled paper/magazines and paperboard:

Stationery - envelopes and envelopes seals/stickers made from recycled magazines/paper/books:

Photo cards - mounted on 100% post-consumer recycled content cardstock:

Mixed Media Pieces – using recycled items as backdrops/containers and also using recycled paper/scrap/tissue/random odds and ends, glue and paint:

So as you can see, it’s been a busy week; also have quite a few items I’ve posted weekly at my supplies shop (and surprisingly getting a lot of bridal/wedding inquiries custom orders as of late); you can see what I’ve been up to on the eco-friendly supplies front here.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Come back and visit! :)

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I opened my front door

and what did I see?

A pack of 5 mule deer

staring back at me!

Actually, there were 5 in front and 7 on the side of our house.  All chomping the fresh green grass that was starting to grow before the snow came back to visit.  The weather likes to tease us in these parts during the spring.  A couple days of 70-degree weather followed by snow and back again.  No swapping of summer for winter clothes until mid-June up at this altitude of 8300 feet!

Shot from our side window; there were actually 7 of them, but they were too close to capture them all with my lens

The old adage of “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes…” never rang so true until I moved to Colorado.  And I wouldn’t change a thing. ;)

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