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Sorry all – I’m trying to get over a miserable, long-lasting cold and holiday traffic has picked up quite a bit, so I’m utilizing all my energy to work on orders then going to bed at 7 or 8pm at night.

The silver lining in this all is that I’ve had some of the best sleep in months.  Ever since our older dog developed Cushing’s disease in the spring, I’ve been woken up every night, several times a night to let her out which led to pretty bad insomnia for months.  Luckily we found some great herbal and homeopathic drops for her and she sleeps until 5am.  I am thrilled to get up at 5am with her because it means I get a solid 6-7 hours of sleep a night.  With my latest cold, my dear hubby has been kind enough to let her out up until he leaves for work (3rd shift) and I’ve been able to sleep a whopping 10-12 hours a night in some cases.  It feels great to sleep so much.

In addition to my art shop, I still run my supplies shop where, among other things, I make and sell blank, folded cards (white and Kraft colored) for people to make their own greetings with, so this time of year is busy as a lot of DIY’ers are hitting me up for supplies for their holiday card making.  I’m very appreciative of the business!

My parents are also due in today for their annual trip to our home.  This time it’s a 9 day visit so I’ve also been been spending free time cleaning up, getting things organized and prepping lots of food.  I’m also in the final crunch of organizing my portfolio and getting my images that I’m licensing ready for the Atlanta gift show in January.  It’s been a busy, tiresome, stressful couple of weeks!

I do have some new material I want to share with you.  First the tree you see up at the top; trees make me happy…I have another one similar to this as well and hope to create more down the road.  I also have created some vintage ladies, like the one above, using the 100 y.o. french postcards I procured from France…love those girls.  I also created a collection of whimsical birds, like the one below:

I’m working out some kinks with my “girls” right now but hope to have some to share with you in the near future, so stay tuned!

As for my art shop, I’ve added new options like matted ACEO’s for those who like to collect mini art but don’t have a great way to store/show them.  These double mats fit perfectly into a 5×7 frame:

I’m also in the process of creating mounted wood blocks…that is, taking a print and adhering it to a wood block so that it has the feel of an original but is much, much cheaper to do so as it is a reproduction (though still handmade by me!).  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and when a buyer recently contacted me about replicating some originals to give out to her staff, I knew this would be the perfect option.  I was in a hurry to get them out to her so I forgot to snap a picture, but will let you know when those options are listed in my shop!  (Of course, let me know if you’re interested in anything in particular meantime!).

I’m also ramping up my options of journals, sketchbooks and planners for the new year which is just around the corner!  I’ve always had these but didn’t necessarily show a lot of options.  If this is of interest to you, don’t forget that I have Pick Any options which allow you to pick any image to go on any piece of merchandise.

Finally, in honor of Small Business Saturday, which occurs every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and promotes small and local businesses, I’m offering 20% in my shop for a full week, starting today 11/22 through the end of next Monday 11/28 (shipping excluded).  Just use the coupon code SBS2011 when checking out (click on link that says Add on Coupon Code, next to the Paypal icons).  My mom is all excited to help me out with orders this we and I’m grateful to have the extra hands!

Thanks for waiting on me during my hiatus; sending you and your family love during this holiday week! ♥

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Over the past year of creating, I’ve tried all different kinds of things in my artwork: patterned paper, recycled scraps from magazines, junk mail and catalogs, textured paper that comes in the way of greeting cards, ads, even from other sellers who wrap their goods.  But by far, using antique (over 100 years old) or vintage papers and ephemera are my favorite things to use.

You already know I love old postcards, especially antique ones from France, and I have amassed over 50 the past year, but I’ve recently come across these other great finds to use in my artwork.  Like these gorgeous antique receipts:

Look at that lovely embossing and fancy font!

And lovely stamps and handwriting…

Some are even from the 1800′s!  I’m a nerd, I know…

Because of their rare, one-of-a-kind nature, I’ll scan these and reuse in a variety of ways.  But with vintage cookbooks, I tend to use the actual papers with their stains and patina, which I like to use in some of my pieces.

Some are old school…

Some are 50′s housewife cheeky…

I have a problem.  A vintage paper ephemera addiction.

Admit me.  Now.

And while this guy isn’t paper, it’s still vintage ephemera that I like to incorporate into my artwork.  Ain’t he purty??

And…it’s eco-friendly!!  Reducing/reusing/repurposing!!

Like I said, I’m weird.  But I know I’m not the only one.  ;)

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Oh dear!

Sorry, playing catch up since I got back; here’s the back seat of my car carting off 19 of the 25 orders I received in the short time I was gone!

No complaints here…it was a little scary before I left, things were soooo quiet in my shops; but alas, things are picking up and making up for the quiet.  Once things settle, I’ll be back to blogging.  Thanks for your patience meanwhile!  Hope everything is going well in your corner of the world ;)

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As mentioned yesterday, it’s a war zone in CT after the heavy wet snow brought down what looks like every other tree in this heavily forested state.  So today, my sis, my youngest niece and I went over to my parent’s place to clear out their yard as they are away and they had a lot of tree damage.

Here are some pics (and there are more here than I would usually post, but I’m using this as a communication post for my folks, so sorry for the picture overload!)

It was a lot of sawing, axing and hauling but many hands (or at least more than one pair!) makes for light work.  We still need to go back this weekend, this time with a chain saw for the big trees, but at least we got a lot accomplished.  Still many, many people without power so we are fortunate!

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So, I’m releasing another new piece I did about a month ago.  Also part of a series of cupcakes.

This collection is BRIGHT (and this one being the most muted one of them all)!  I’m not used to using this much color, but trying to push my creative boundaries (not to mention that most people don’t typically associate cupcakes or themes that include cupcakes with drab colors).

Right now I’m in Connecticut where my sister’s power was finally restored after 6 days without (still half a million without power in this small little state!).  I arrived tonight and in the dark, but it already looks like a warzone with trees down everywhere.  My sister said that her usual jaunt to my parents place 5 minutes away took a full hour earlier in the week as most streets were closed due to downed trees and powerlines!

I packed a bunch of sweaters, PJ’s and wool socks, but alas, they have heat now. This weekend we are off to our folk’s house to do some heavy duty tree removal.  It’s quite a scene in the dark (the entire lower part of their driveway is covered with giant broken tree branches and entire limbs are just listlessly hanging from the trees in their front/back yards and will need to be taken down by chainsaw).  I can only imagine what it’s like in the light!

Here’s to counting your blessings.  Safety of your family, a warm place to rest, food to eat, hot showers, and yes, cupcakes are a blessing too.  Sometimes you have to include the small blessings in with the big! ;)


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Aw, yeah!

More of the good stuff!

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