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I spent the morning “white-washing” a bunch of thrift store finds; tomorrow I need to distress them.  These types of items seem to be the primary things moving in my booth right now, so adapting my plan accordingly.  Gotta pay the bills!

I know, I should wear gloves…the upside is that this is non-toxic paint :)

I have a bunch of posts written in my head that I promise to get to.  Just trying to get my act together and last week we had a scare with our oldest pup and had to do the long-drawn (as in all several day), tear-filled conversations of pain management vs. quality of life.

The upside: after a 2nd opinion with our primary vet, after a visit with the ER vet and an orthopedic specialist, we learned that things weren’t so dire and we had more options.  Now we get to have our girl around for a little longer and she’s resting comfortably (and this mama is especially relieved)

Last weekend I was planning on working on some orders on Saturday, then catching up with my girlies on Sunday for our monthly brunch.  Then I got a call from The Barn saying I had a customer put a hold on two of my pieces of furniture.  She was going to come back the following day to purchase and pick up.  The customer was interested in my coffee table and french provincial desk – my first two pieces of furniture I refinished.  GREAT news I thought – this means people like my furniture and I get to make some much needed cash (booth sales have been awful terribly slow again, as in not even covering my costs this past month unfortunately)!!  CRAP I also thought – I only had one other piece of furniture, so unless I worked on new pieces, most of my stuff would be moved to the floor when she came to pick up those 2 pieces; I never imagined someone would purchase two pieces of furniture at once!

So I rearranged my schedule, started painting/staining/distressing two pieces that I had been meaning to get to (nothing like a TIGHT deadline to get you motivated!).  I worked all afternoon and right up to dark…putting the finishing touches on the french provincial dresser that I picked up along with the desk and a small table I also purchased at a goodwill.

Of course I forgot to take a “before” pic, but the dresser was the same style/color as the desk I did earlier

Here’s the after!

I had to cancel my plans with my girlfriends and the next morning, loaded the furniture into the car, made the hour+ drive and got to my booth before the customer came and cleared me out of fixtures.  The thought of my artwork and goods on the floor horrified me so I was glad I beat her there.

But then came the challenging task of trying to merchandise 5 pieces of furniture into a 6′x12′ booth.  Not easy.  I called the customer to tell her I was clearing off her pieces of furniture and leaving at the outskirts of booth for easy pick-up.  Unfortunately, she had a change of heart and wasn’t going to buy the furniture after all.  Appears her husband wasn’t into the style of furniture as much as she was.

Here I was in a 100+ year old, non-airconditioned barn, lugging furniture up the stairs, completely re-merchandising my space and dripping sweat in the 90+ degree heat.  And having to scramble the previous 24 hours and cancel my brunch.  All. for. naught.  Man, selling retail can really bite.  To say I was cranky is to put it mildly.

The upside:  Well my space is busting at the seams fully furnished and now I have more chances of selling higher cost goods in my booth *fingers crossed*

I had to stuff the coffee table under the small dining table I just refinished in order to get it to all fit!

Oh and did I mention that in my rush to get two pieces completed before the sun set, I dropped the can of very expensive chalk paint…all over our deck?

Top deck

And that it also splattered to the deck below and onto the side of our stained/log home?

Bottom deck

The upside:  Both decks needed to be sanded/restained this summer and the paint (CeCeCaldwell Chalk Paint) is eco-friendly, non-toxic and if not sealed in wax or poly, can be washed off (and most of it has come up after some soap and hard scrubbing).  I guess it could be worse!

Life is feeling a little “lemony” lately…but hey, at least the weather has been nice! ;)

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Oh my, I’ve been gone for a while.  My nieces are in town from CT and I’ve been so wrapped up in their visit (and preparing for it prior) that I’ve been preoccupied.  I was SO excited to have them up and it’s been a great week.  They’re heading home tomorrow (boo) and I have lots of photos to share from our adventures, but wanted to start with photos from the zoo.

I’ve been in Colorado for the past 7 years and haven’t been to the Denver Zoo.  It’s a highly regarded landmark here but I had never been because it’s a good hour away, but mostly, I have always felt a little guilty visiting zoos in the past.

I worry about the state of the animals, being cooped up, out of their elements.  But my oldest niece, a veterinary science student, really wanted to check it out (and I admit, I was very curious as well).

The zoo was fantastic, the grounds gorgeous, the displays beautiful and I really enjoyed reading different placards about the various animals rescued from peril.  In many regards the zoo was helping these animals live and it helped to alleviate previous guilt I had.

It was a scorching hot day and there was TONS of walking to be had, but it was so worth it.

I hope you don’t mind indulging me while I share some of my favorite photos from the day.

My niece LOVES big cats; as a little girl, she decorated her room with photos of lions, cheetahs and tigers.  We spent a good amount of time visiting with the big cats today and even circled back a second time before leaving the zoo.

I was in awe of the beautiful flamingos and the gorgeous colors and textures of their feathers…clearly, by the amount of photos I took!

I was most excited to see the elephants; I have such a soft spot for them, I have lots of elephant art decorating our house and I think they are one of the most majestic, beautiful animals out there.

So many different exhibits and beautiful animals…

I also LOVE donkeys and took great joy visiting with these “wild asses” :)

And who doesn’t love monkeys?

Even had some flowers to capture.  Was thankful to have a telephoto zoom lens on this day (a lens I don’t often use).

It was a great day and a great end to our wonderful week.  If ever you get a chance to visit the Denver Zoo, I highly recommend it!

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Earlier this week I mentioned that I sat down last Sunday and spent the day making a bunch of girls; they follow two themes so I’m grouping them as two sets of four.

Here’s the first set:

Clockwise from top left: receiving girl, faithful girl, worry girl, perceptive girl

Prints available in my shop now; I’ll share my other girls next week once I get my act together and get them listed for my shop.

Hope you all had a nice 4th of July; enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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So check it out…after a several month hiatus (and a mini existential crisis some soul searching), I’m painting again (yay!).  I started with some sketches, did a few backgrounds and next thing I knew, I was spending an entire day creating a bunch of girls.  Feels so good to get over the mental slump I was in and get my mojo back!

I’ll share some of my new material later this week, but meantime I wanted to share with you some alphabets I did a while back but didn’t get around to sharing…one’s more grungy, one’s more pastel/shabby-chic.

I am purposefully missing the Z here because I couldn’t get it to fit in my collage, but it’s there!

Notice anything missing in the second picture?  Yeah, I’m missing my “h” – I know I made it, but it somehow got lost in a sea of canvases…now to find it!  I thought to wait to post this until I found it, but I actually think it funnier to post with it missing!

I’ve started to list these in my shop and will also be offering wood blocks with the letters to spell out words or initials for home decor.  I also added a bunch of previously “new” prints to my shop, some artwork of which I shared here, some images completely new.

Including, my abstract trees:

Click image to see individually

And the digital botanical collages I made:

Click image to see individually

The Oprah quotes:

Click image to see individually

Striped hearts:

Click image to see individually

Vintage birthday cupcakes:

Click image to see individually

And all the rest of my “lollipop” trees and flowers:

Click image to see individually

I still have quite a bit more to add, like my digital Eiffel tower collages, whimsical birds, Italy collages, and seasonal/holiday pieces that I kept under wraps while involved in licensing so I’ll let you know when those are up!

Feels good to be back in the game :)

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