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Okay, don’t laugh…but this fall-loving-hails-from-New-England-and-loves-holiday-traditions girl has never done a corn maze!

Perhaps I took them for granted when I lived back on the east coast.  And living so far away from everything means we just stayed home all the time.  But recently, David shifted his days off to include Saturdays so that we could partake in more seasonal festivities and so that we could both truly take a full day off (as trying to take a mid-week day off for me was tricky with my supplies shop where people expect same day service).

But this story is more than a visit to the corn maze.

As you know, we’ve had to deal with a death in the family recently.  That always gives you pause about living a meaningful life.  Telling loved ones how you feel.  Focusing on what’s important.

But then we were caught off guard with a pretty big health scare in our little family when we got back from the funeral (won’t go into details at this time, perhaps later when we’re 100% in the clear).  The initial shock, followed by fear and the unknown that comes with waiting for results to come back really reminds you not to take loved ones for granted.

It just so happens that on my way back from CT on Sept. 1st, I picked up the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch at an airport bookstore.  If you’re not familiar, it’s about the last lecture given by university professor Randy Pausch, who was dying of pancreatic cancer.  The book (which follows his lecture) is about the lessons he learned in life and the wisdom he wished to impart (particularly to his children).  It’s a bestseller and I’ve wanted to read it for a couple years, but the fact that I came across it just a couple weeks ago, followed by the passing of my father-in-law, then a health scare?  I’ve said it many times before – there are no coincidences in life.  It was perfectly timed.

You just never know what’s around the corner, what life will deal you, when your time is up.  So don’t waste time or energy on the negative stuff or people in your life.  Instead, focus it on those you love and truly value!   Make the most of your limited time on this Earth.  Have more fun, spend time laughing and treasure silly moments!


Most importantly, don’t waste opportunities to build memories…

Please don’t worry, everything is okay for now…perhaps the universe was giving us a gentle reminder to not take life, love, health, or time on this Earth for granted.  And we’re heeding the message.  And filling up our calendar with fun activities to build memories with.

And focusing on positive outcomes.



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I’ve been decorating my booth space at The Barn for a couple of weeks now and it makes me so happy to be decorating for my favorite season and holiday!

We were there last weekend for 4 hours re-merchandising my space and taking inventory and we were so tired and ready to get out of there that we forgot to take photos.  However, I did take some photos of the items I’m selling there like spooky potion bottles using antique/vintage apothecary bottles I recently scored:

Some of my artwork mounted on wood blocks…

As well as some public domain vintage Halloween images on blocks…

I’ll try to remember taking some photos this weekend on my actual display!

At home, I haven’t done anything except dress up our mantle…

Some pumpkins, some mercury cloches and a bat/candle display give it a splash of spook, a splash of whimsy…

Some old cabinet cards definitely add spookiness…

As do more apothecary jars and a vintage black scale…

Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year??!  :)

Do you decorate for Halloween or fall?  Post a link, I’d love to see!


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It’s been a while since I created a new girl…and several months since I’ve created a girl that was 16×20 in size.  As you know, I’m big on gratitude and with Thanksgiving not that far off, I wanted to create a piece that spoke to both.

Usually the imagery of Thanksgiving is a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables; but this girl I wanted to paint a cornucopia of hearts or love.  Give thanks for the love in your life and be sure to give it back as well.

I’ll be listing her in my shop for $175; you, my blog readers, get a sneak peek before I get the listing and additional photos in my shop, so if you’re interested in her before I list, let me know!

Now, if you like this girl, but want a more cost effective option, you can get a mounted print of this girl. (like the segue into my new topic? *wink*)

Here’s an example of an 11×14 mounted print I created

Mounted prints on wood give the look and feel of an original, but cost much less.  The print is literally mounted onto a cradled wood panel and is ready to hang.  Choose all black sides or patterned paper sides for a more quirky look.

You can choose from 4 sizes: (the following are for rectangular images)

11×14: $55

8×10: $32.50

5×7: $22.50

ACEO (2.5×3.5″): $7.50

To give you perspective on the different sizes…

These are the small ACEO mounted prints; they’re popular in the art world as their inexpensive price makes it easy to collect a bunch. These are the only ones that are full wood blocks and 3/4″ on the sides

With the exception of the ACEO blocks (as mentioned above), the mounted prints come on cradled wood meaning they are open on the backside for easy hanging.  The sides measure 7/8″

And for the square images in my shop…

I also carry mounted prints in square sizes

12×12: $50

8×8: $27.50

6×6: $22.50

4×4: $15

Click here to get to my mounted print sections in my art shop but note I’m still just beginning to add specific mounted prints, but you can choose any of the “Pick any image” options for any size and let me know the print you want mounted.

What my kitchen island looked like the other day when I cranked out a bunch to bring to the Barn (several have sold already, yay!)

Last night I prepped a bunch of backgrounds on canvas for some fall-themed pieces I’m working on, so stay tuned for some more new artwork!  Thanks for checking out what I’m up to!

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Hi everyone…I’m happy to be back and have my shop reopened!  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added 3 new options in my shop…including:

I’ve had many requests to sell larger prints and when I got my new printer last December, I purchased a large format printer that would allow me to print up to 13×19 (however, that’s not a normal size and most people go with 11×14 as the next step after 8×10).  However, I can also do 9×12′s or 12×16′s for the same price.

Because I have so many girls now (more than 70 non-holiday themed girls), and my sticker packs are capped at 50 stickers, I’ve decided to split up into two different packs and offer two different whimsical girl sticker packs.

After searching high and low for a reasonably priced “lined” journal, I finally found one and am offering them in my shop now (and can be made to include any image in my shop that you want!).  I usually put the name of the piece of art below the image, but can customize to anything you want it to say – perfect holiday gift…).

These options are now available in my shop.  Later this week, I’ll be adding mounted wood blocks, like the ones below I made for a customer (from as small as 2.5″ x 3.5″ to as big as 11″ x 14″); these are a great way to get the feel/look/even the size of an original yet costs a lot less).

Okay, enough promoting for me, just wanted to keep you in the loop with the holiday season coming up.  Thanks for visiting my shop! :)

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This is what was on my lap today on the ride home.  We attended my father-in-law’s funeral service (hence the absence of late) and he is a long time military and police veteran.  I’m as patriotic as the next person and certainly love my country and have much respect for those that serve it.  But it’s not until you hold a folded flag in your lap that you really are humbled by it all.

Be back soon; thank you for your patience

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I realized that I have “newer” work that I haven’t shared in entirety here just out of of sheer forgetfulness…

First, these are 4 girls that I created about 2 months ago…a little different from my usual style but I was trying out a new background technique…

And I also created a set of Halloween cupcakes a couple weeks back…

These originals are available in my shop now!  I can also make cards, prints, journals, magnets and bookmarks using any of these images with my “Pick Any” options in my shop as well.

While flying back and forth and having down time in between, I created lots of sketches…these among dozens of others:

I’m making it a goal to get these from sketches to full blown collaged paintings by working a little bit each night on these, so hopefully I’ll have new pieces posted soon.

I’m SO excited that it’s September and fall is around the corner, so I’ll leave you with a photo from a previous fall here in Colorado.

Have a great week!


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