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So recently I’ve added some new prints and originals of newer girls to my shop, including…

Unconditional girl


Messenger Girl

And a collection of cakes reusing backgrounds of other artwork that I decided not to sell…recycled art!

And coming soon, I have some holiday art that I’ll be adding, including these holiday cupcakes I made last year after the holidays (per a request from my then licensing agent) but were never added to my shop:

And ornaments…

And I also have some more snowmen like the one above but want to add some wording to them still.

It snowed the last two days, so I’m officially ready to wrap up Halloween and move onto the Holidays!  How ’bout you?

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I can’t help it…when autumn strikes, I crave the foods that the season brings…like pumpkin, squash, apples and pears.

And since I haven’t shared a cooking post in the longest time, I thought it a fine time to do just that!

First I made stuffed acorn squash (using a variation of this recipe)…

And then warm pear gorgonzola salad (that I just throw together with this salad dressing)…

Butternut squash soup (using a take on this version)…

And pumpkin pancakes (love this recipe!)…

I also made an apple pecan cobbler (didn’t take photos) and have been drinking copious amounts of pumpkin coffee and salted caramel hot chocolates.  Oh yeah, feeling the bloat ;)

What kind of foods do you have to have in the fall???

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Today, David and I made the trek down to Denver to join a friend for a fun Halloween festivity – the 7th annual Zombie Crawl.  It was a first for all three of us, but it was so much fun and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.  It was supposed to be a world record breaker if 2,000 people came in costume…it was estimated that close to 10,000 showed up!

Sure, some took their costumes very seriously…

Some were silly…

Others were peculiar…

We loved seeing young and old alike…

Lots of dogs…


And lots of zombie brides in all forms…

It was a fun day for all…muwahahah…

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Studio tour

Because I’m trying to clear out every nook and cranny in the house trying to find every last project or item that could make it into my booth before the end of the month, I decided to do a major overhaul to my studio space.  It was soul cleansing I tell ya!  I know others like to see artist’s studios, so I’m sharing here…

Remember that letter “H” I was missing from my alphabet typography months ago?  Found it :)

This is where I spend the majority of my work week.  I usually only paint once a week and it’s upstairs on our dining room table where I’m surrounded by light.  The rest of the week I’m in production/manufacturing/administrative mode, so this is where I accomplish it all, in our downstairs walk-out basement.

I used to have my unpurchased artwork on the walls, then I took them down, then I decided to rehang some of my favorites along with artwork of some of my favorite artists, like Danita, Mae Chevrette and photographer Nichole Robertson.  I also decided to hang up some vintage receipts and postcards because while it’s nice to keep them in a protective sleeve, I love them for their old-world beauty so I decided to display them.


This is an old make-up case that a friend who’s a skincare rep gave me.  Works great for holding my labels.  Yay for recycling!

Some projects in the works…

My shipping area (along with the row of boxes under my desk and in the spare room closet!) as well as my large format printer.

Where I keep finished pieces as well as made-up products (i.e. cards, bookmarks, ACEO’s) and supplies.

Here’s my other supply cabinet, mostly for my supplies shop, but also for use in my other shops.  The chair in the corner is for when David comes down to join me but is mostly where the pups hang out.

And lastly this is my ink area…yes, I need an ink area because my printer uses 8 cartridges at a time and I go through about 20 a month.  Yep, that’s about $200-$300 in ink every month, but it’s the bulk of what I do – print artwork.  And yes I’ve looked at eco-friendly refills but want to be able to assure my customers that the ink won’t fade and since selling art merchandise is primarily what I do, I have to spring for the high quality stuff.  It’s a necessary evil.

And that’s a wrap!  Thanks for taking the quick tour with me.  Let me know if I can answer any questions!

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Alright, I’ve been busy going through my house trying to go through every corner, basket and closet trying to find every last project that needs finishing and item that I could possibly place in my booth space while I still have it for the next 3 weeks.  Trouble is, with the thousands of dollars in merchandise I have there and even with the 20% off my entire booth, I’ve sold a whopping $20 in 4 days.  Worst week ever!  Perhaps it’s the universe confirming that I need to get the hell outta there!

Still I’ll try to clear out my house in the hopes of generating the most amount of sales by Oct. 31st and have the least amount of inventory to count come Dec. 31st!

I still have several dozen vintage/antique apothecary jars so I decided to decorate a bunch using bits and bobs of paper, ribbon, twine, vintage ephemera and metal embellishments to create these cute altered bottles:

I enjoyed making these so much and still have a lot of bottles left that I think I might try selling these in my shop as well.

I’ve listed some new and “newer older” work in my shop as well, including the last two of my Halloween girls for this year:

And an Autumn Girl that I sketched out last fall but finally incorporated into a painting this year!

And these older pieces featuring the French macaron (which I completed months ago but needed to add captions to and scan):

And here’s a new girl that I created last week…I have angels on the mind a lot lately…

And a re-do on an old piece:

Finally, I’ve updated my goodies shop with some seasonal items…like these eco-friendly gift tags:

And eco-friendly stickers:

I’ve been clearly keeping busy, but doing everything I can to make it work!  Thanks for checking out what I’m up to and passing it along :)

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Earlier this week, while pulling an all-nighter to make a bunch of Halloween and Christmas items for my booth, I received a disheartening email.  Notice from The Barn that I was being asked to vacate by the end of the month.  Right before the holidays kick into high gear.  Right when I’m on the cusp of making a good portion of my cash flow for the year.

I was pissed.  I was very angry.  Without going into details, I felt that this was very personal.  I’ve worked so hard, held on when sales in the whole place were dragging, just knowing that if I could hold out until the holidays, I’d finally get the pay-off I was waiting for.  And then to get yanked right before just as my sales have been tripling what they were in the summer.

My anger turned to sadness.  Utter disappointment.  One more thing that I’ve put on my “goals” list as an artist that went horribly wrong this year.  It just plain sucks.  I feel like I can’t get a foot hold on my career and everything I’m trying = failure.  I’m starting to question my decision-making skills.

It was painful returning back to the Barn today to put up “Moving Out” signs and to stock it with all the things I was working on this week (as well as projects that I’ve been working on for a while) so that I can get rid of inventory.  It was just an awful feeling being in the very place that wants me out, trying to keep it looking good until the very end and keeping a brave face all the while.

The inspirational artist and spiritual person that I am knows that there is a higher purpose…that the universe has a plan.  There is a reason for this and its just too fresh for me to understand.  But I know, that I have to get up once again, dust myself off and keep on moving forward.

And have faith that this closed door means another one will open.

Until then I will make it my new goal to release anger, sadness and disappointment and replace it with patience, forgiveness and grace.

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Happy day!

This is the view out my side window at 8:30 this morning…and only 27 degrees.  Brrrr.

Flannel PJ’s?  Check.  Hot Coffee?  Check.  Doing work on the laptop while under the down comforter.  Check, check, check.

I’m a lucky girl!

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First, a disclaimer…we’ve had a pretty bad season for fall folliage this year.  The leaves seemed to have changed colors in one week, then 3 days of storms knocked most of the leaves down and the ones remaining are yellowish-brown.  Quite disappointing.  And every year we take a trip in the fall to enjoy the foliage but all that has happened in the past month meant that we had to postpone our trip for later in the year, so we’re not able to see what it looks like deep in the mountain range.

However, I still have my favorite photos from previous years that I’ll share here over the next couple of weeks.  Those of you who’ve been here a while might recall these, but for the newer readers, hope you enjoy!

Certainly not the variety of colors of New England, but not half bad either…hope you have beautiful scenery around you!

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I’ve found more items that I created, then sat off to the side until I either:

  • finished them up
  • reworked them
  • or just finished scanning/seaming together

First, a bunch of heart collections…

Click on image to see wording better

These I grabbed from words in a book that I brought together to form unique sayings…writing is a little on the small side, but still quirky I think…

These are vintage-inspired hearts I created to break out of my colorful heart mold.  I stuck to warm tones, beiges, tans, etc.

This is the “reworked” Pregnant Girl I did a little while ago…I just never liked the original and learned quickly that I need to work on my side profiles!!

These girls got finished up…

And this collage is an old one I did over a year ago, but felt like it was never quite ready to go so I reworked it a bit…

And finally a newer girl, Starlight Angel.  All these originals are available (soon to be listed in my shop) and of course I can create a card, journal, magnet, bookmark, mounted print out of any of these images using my pick any options.

I just scanned 20 more pieces today of mostly newer stuff (and I have 20 canvases prepped and ready for some seasonal/harvest-type stuff) so I’ll be sharing lots over the next couple weeks.  Please check back or see my shop for more :)

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