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Yes, this may be a bit old news, but I wanted to share with you this quick (and eco-friendly and free!) decorating idea that came up while spending Thanksgiving at my sister’s.  The merchandiser and creative spirit in me can’t help but decorate and when it came to Thanksgiving morning and I realized I had nothing, I got resourceful and went for a walk.

First I grabbed any decent leaves I could find in her yard and then gathered some dried fountain grasses and twigs; with scissors, I snipped away at some hedges and found dried flowering buds all around.  I didn’t have to look far, just had to open my mind and think of the possibilities.  I then took a piece of cardboard, pulled back the top layer to reveal the rustic, corrugated parts which I cut into leaf shapes.  Then I adhered pieces of paper upon which I wrote Thanksgiving themes, like “love” “family” and “gratitude.”  Tied ‘em into bunches with some bakers twine and voila!  Easy-peasy, eco-decorating!

And for a good laugh, my sister put out a Thanksgiving craft I made with my nieces about 10 years ago made with walnuts, pipe cleaners, felt and faux feathers.  Told ya, I was always crafty! ;)

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  And next time you’re crunching for decorating ideas, just take a walk outside and get creative!

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Credit: Facebook via Jennifer Pasalakis

I just love this sentiment, especially as a small business owner myself!

And as an artist and small business owner who is grateful to her customers, blog readers and fans, I’m offering a 25% off sale from Thursday 11/22 to Monday 11/26 in my art shop and Goodies shop (which takes us through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday!) *not eligible on wholesale orders which are already discounted

This is my biggest sale in my Etsy shops to date so I hope you take advantage of this sale to get some Holiday (or personal) shopping done!

I’ve just added a bunch of original pieces of artwork, so here’s a chance to get 25% off for that one-of-a-kind piece you or a loved one may have been eying!

Or if you need to send Christmas cards, I’ve got you covered…

Need unique holiday trim for your gifts or cards?  Check!

And stocking stuffers?  Oh yeah, I’ve got plenty of those…

When checking out use the code HOLIDAY2012 to receive 25% off in my JCSpock shop and my GreenEarthGoodies shop

I’m so thankful for the love, support and encouragement I’ve received here, on Facebook and in my Etsy shop this past year.

Grateful today.  Grateful everyday.

Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving week! xo

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Hi all…spending time with my sister and nieces for Thanksgiving, so I’m doing all the typical running around and engaging in all the fun activities that we can fit in during my short week here, so pardon the downtime on my blog.  But I have a post for Thanksgiving Day so please come back to see my announcement!

Have a great week everyone ♥

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Oh dear, I’m long overdue for a blog post.  Typically when I’m quiet I’m processing something, sometimes I’m trying to make a decision or sometimes it’s because I’m feeling a little down and my typical M.O. is to withdraw.

This time I’ve been quiet because I didn’t have much to say/report and orders have picked up quite a bit after a very long, dry October, so it’s all good over here!

Wild grasses picked from the yard

Just yesterday I took down my Halloween decorations (not because I was sad to, but because I was either too tired at end of day or too lazy to do anything about it!).  Unfortunately, we now have a very cluttered dining room/great room since we brought back everything from my booth after I was told to leave at the end of October (but I did learn I was one of several and there’s all sorts of drama going on there, so I am actually thrilled to be outta there!).

Remember these? I sold a few in my booth and the rest came home with me and will be added to my art shop soon.

I was getting sick of looking at the mess, so I started to go through it and was able to use items into my Harvest themed decorations and I “shopped” my house for the rest.

This is actually our kitchen scale plus some old, discarded library books that without the bindings give a vintage feel to them; add some ribbon stash from a previous gift or order and voila, instant display!

There were a couple sweet items I picked up from other artisans on Etsy, like this cute recycled fabric garland…

You can find this garland at MollyauContraire (click image)

And this adorable downloadable subway art print (just print the emailed file at home and frame; no shipping needed!)…

Downloadable art print from BitsyCreations (click image)

Ivory silk flowers like these peonies work great in the summer, fall and winter…just a simple classic look that works for year round decor…

Paper wreaths can also be a super cheap yet lovely way to add charm…

I’m in a Harvest sate of mind…


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It’s officially midnight where I’m at so I’m posting both right now…

First, a bit late with this, but a busy day:

Yeah, the eyes are a bit disorienting…that’s what happens when you play too much with digital programs and can’t figure out how to go back and un-do!

And for tomorrow (or I guess I should say today)…

Living out in the Southwest region means a lot more exposure to this Mexican tradition than I ever had in New England; I just love the stark white yet colorful faces and the celebration and remembrance of loved ones passed.

Hope you’re having a good week and if you’re on the East Coast dealing with the devastation of the Hurricane, know that I’ve been sending lots of love and healing thoughts to you all.  I’ve lived and/or spent a great deal of time in many of the places that were destroyed, so my heart is with you all. xo

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