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it’s gonna be a white Christmas, eh?

It’s still coming down pretty hard…going sledding later on today.  Because that’s what 36-39 year olds without children do.  Bah! ;)

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I’ve made no secret about my love of snow (hello, I moved 2,000 miles away and settled into the CO mountains after all!) but the dry weather of late has made me a lil’ sad.  Alas, it has been flurrying for the past 3 days.  Nothing major…it may snow a couple inches, the sun comes out and it melts it down, then it starts to snow again, even if just bumbly snowflakes.  It just puts me in the holiday spirit.

Yesterday morning, I headed down into my studio to pack up some orders before the P.O. closed at noon and my dogs started creating a ruckus.  When I peeked out the window, I spotted this cutie:

There are times when I yearn for city living (I spent two years living in NYC, so believe me, I understand all the pitfalls of city living!) but then I think about how I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these quiet little moments.  Or this view…

We have yet to get our tree up, but are hoping to do so this week.  We have a fake tree that we bought 11 years ago when I was working in college administration and living on campus and needing to abide by student rules and fire hazards (read: no live christmas trees) and it seems silly getting rid of it since we have it.  But it is a bit ironic that we live in a quintessential area where everyone in the Denver metro region comes to get their Christmas trees.  Last weekend on a drive home from the Denver area, we counted over 100 trees strapped to the tops of cars on the 25 mile stretch from the base of the foothills to where we live!

We have a good parcel of land to cut our own and when hiking down to the valley below us last week, we spotted a couple options.  I dunno…maybe this will be the year we make the leap (and make a buyer at our favorite thrift store very happy!).  Then there’s a part of me that would feel sad every time I passed that stump knowing we cut down a beautiful tree….what to do, what to do?  What are your thoughts on the fake vs. real tree?

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Lovely sight

David’s weekend couldn’t have landed at a better time in the week as we got our first substantial snow storm of the season.

It was great huddling down in bed, watching Zombie movies (we watch non-stop horror flicks during the month of October) and doing some much needed work on-line with my shops.  Etsy has made some recent changes that have caused sales to plummet (for a huge amount of sellers) so I had to go back to the drawing board and spend many, many hours rewording titles, descriptions and tags.  Such a tedious, mind-numbing task, but under the covers, while watching movies and the snow falling outside made it that much more manageable.

It’s a chilly 9 degrees this morning and clearly we need to do some shoveling once it warms up.  Knowing Colorado weather and the bright sun that’s peeking over the ridge, it will likely be all melted by tomorrow.

Hope you’re all staying warm!!

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for the better part of this week!  I had a great time trekking with my sis; we returned Saturday night and she sadly left on Sunday.  I then had to crank out 15 orders awaiting my attention and I’ve just been trying to give my lil’ shop some much needed attention since it’s been a bit neglected this fall.

Anyhow, I can’t help but share with you some last round of pictures of our trip…I’ll combine in collages so you don’t feel like you’re flipping through dozens of someone’s vacation photos… ;)

When we reluctantly left Taos, we took the “High Road” out – no, literally, we did!  It’s a GORGEOUS scenic route between Taos and Santa Fe and felt a bit like we were being transported from CO mountains…through a Tuscan countryside…then onto AZ dessert landscapes.  Bizarre changes of scenery, yet stunning all at once.

On our way, we stopped at El Santuario de Chimayo to visit a very old, quaint church (my sister is a devout Catholic and me, well, I just appreciate the art of religious icons, especially old ones).  There were several other chapels on the grounds with beautiful sacred heart icons, which I just love.

After our visit, as well as some tamales at Leona’s, a local icon in it’s own right, we made it into Santa Fe and just soaked up the beautiful weather on the Santa Fe Plaza…

And we visited more churches, including the oldest church in the U.S., the San Miguel Mission which is said to be the oldest church in the U.S. built between 1610 and 1626 (which appropriately sits across the street from the oldest house in the U.S., built in 1646).  That’s my petite 4’11″ sister fitting perfectly inside the petite doors!

We fell in love with the beautiful adobe architecture, especially against the azure blue sky…

And enjoyed the beautiful artwork, sculptures and galleries on the famed Canyon Road…

Oh, that sky…There was beauty everywhere you looked.

And with great hesitation, we needed to make our way back to Colorado…with no car radio and no cell service to stream music (we sang our hearts out and shared funny stories…what sisters/girlfriends do best!)

But the sadness of leaving the beauty of the Southwest was quickly replaced by the awe of the sunset on the CO mountains…

My sister and I, being set 2,000 miles apart, try to make our sister’s getaway an annual event and next year, my sis has her eye on Sedona, AZ.

More red rock and blue skies.

And I can’t wait.

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Oh…I’m in my happy spot.  Or I should say we both are as David loves Crested Butte as much as I do.  Renting a house and having our pups gives us a sense of what it would be like to live here and it’s such a happy thought.

Yesterday, we didn’t do much but unwind after a rough night of sleep with anxious pups, walked the main street, hung out at the indie cafe/bookstore, got sushi take-out and enjoyed the weather (70′s, sunny and dry).  Here’s the view from the house we’re staying at:

As my good friend Peg would say, “doesn’t suck”…not one bit. ;)

Today though we packed a picnic…

Our picnic spot

and headed out on Kebler Pass an incredibly scenic 20 mile road through nothing but aspen groves…

and multiple mountain ranges…

It’s just stunning (and this is just one of several scenic drives around here!)

The dogs enjoyed time hiking around and exploring…

It’s my favorite time of year, in my favorite spot on Earth and the weather is perfect.

So. stinking. happy.

Hope you all have a place that you can call your happy spot!

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I was fortunate to go to Saguaro National Park yesterday – a beautiful place just northwest of Tucson where the saguaro cactus sprout seemingly everywhere.  It was beautiful, but sad.  Sad in that it was a Saturday, we were one of two groups in the visitor center and when we returned to the park later in the day to do the highly touted sunset loop (which I’ve done twice before, once 20 years ago, the other time 12 years ago), we were the only one on the entire road save for one other vehicle.  On a Saturday.  In a national park.

It’s no wonder these parks are in trouble!  Luckily my girlfriend did her part and paid the $80 for an annual NP park.  It’s up to us to support these gems because the government certainly can’t.

Perhaps it was the heat (which admittedly I succumbed to like no way I ever have in my life – my face was purple from just being outside a couple minutes; I was extremely nauseous and had a pounding headache.  I was beyond hot.  I was feeling ill).  Luckily once I got in a cool place, I was feeling much better.  But hoo-wee, that heat is nasty!

We did get a moment to visit Mission San Xavier del bac – a Spanish-style white church that pops out of the dessert floor and a place I’ve once visited before (and wanted to share with my girlfriend).

We both share a love of old architecture and an appreciation of religious icons (though neither of us are religious) so this was the perfect place to satisfy both!

We then made our way into downtown Tucson for dinner at the suggestion of a friend who once lived there.


We made our way back to the park for our sunset loop before the 2 hour drive back through lightning and a light dust storm to Phoenix.  It was one heck of a scenic day.

Today we head to Sedona *fingers crossed it’s cooler*  Meanwhile David is texting me about how cool it is at the house (in the 50′s).  Though there are charming (?) elements to the desert, you’ll never catch me living here!!  I like the cold, thank you very much!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend (and that those of you on the East Coast are staying safe!)

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Sorry for the spottiness I’m actually in Phoenix!  And I’m calling it the City of the Rising Sun because yesterday it hit a new record as the hottest day every in the month of August – 117 degrees.  Good god, I’m melting!

I’m here to visit my girlfriend Jess (one of the fab 5 I’ve talked about before who recently moved here) and staying for a long weekend.  Yes it’s a dry heat, but I know it’s hot when my cheeks get fiery red in a matter of minutes with little exertion.

Yesterday I visited with previous colleagues (the company I worked for previously as a regional manager is based out of Phoenix) so it was nice to visit with old friends, but my girlfriend and I are tearing it up, trekking to Tucson today and to Sedona tomorrow…quick road trips, lots of laughter.

And because she’s such a techie, I’m writing you using her mobile hot spot on her phone.  But since my laptop is cooking on my lap and is  hard to see with the glare of the sun I’ll leave you with a couple quick pictures from our trip this a.m. to the Desert Botanic Garden before we “expired” (but I’ll be back with more pics hopefully this evening).

Have I mentioned it’s hot? ;)

*hoping all my family, friends, and readers on the East Coast are safe; thinking of you ♥


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Because I’m craving fall…

…the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the smell of wood stoves in the air, wearing long sleeve shirts, jeans and scarves, warm apple cider and everything infused with cinnamon and pumpkin…I’m posting these pictures today.  Enjoy :)

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The other day it did the usual darkening of the skies in the early afternoon.  In the summer, it’s not uncommon for us to have rolling storms everyday.  Its proverbial bark is typically bigger than its bite.  Lots of grumbling, scattered lightning, perhaps a shower, sometimes a quick flash of hail and it’s done.

But this time was different.  It was pinging off the windows so loud that I thought they might break.  It was driving sideways.  Trees looked to be bending over.  I tried to capture a picture of it while opening the door, but when I did, I got nailed and in a matter of about 2 seconds, I had a sizeable puddle of hail and water on our wood floors.  So here’s a not so great pic through the window.

Looks pretty innocent, right?  Hail’s not too big, but it was coming down harder than usual.

We like intense storms, so we enjoyed it while it lasted and didn’t think much of it after it passed.

The next morning, in my fling-open-every-door-and-cool-off-the-house routine I spoke of in my eco-Thursday post, I saw strange reddish flakes at the base of our deck doors and also all over the deck.  ” What the heck is that? I thought.

Then the lightbulb went off and I remembered the wicked hail storm that struck the day before.

Can you see what’s going on here?  Yes, the hail basically sandblasted the stain off our logs.


Those of you who have been following a while may recall when David painstakingly spent weeks last summer/fall stripping, sanding, and staining each log to a vibrant cedar color.  It looked fantastic.  And it needs to be done again.

Argh!  Home ownership can really bite sometimes!

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Finally a clear day and the sight I woke up to on my birthday

I’m back and what a great week it has been!

Of the 5 days we spent in Estes Park, CO, only one of them was a beautiful, clear sunny day and I’m fortunate it was on my birthday.  I’m kinda spoiled like that.  Growing up in New England, I was always used to having beautiful weather on my mid-May birthday, but since moving out to Colorado, it’s been hit or miss.  Yesterday was picture perfect.

Entrance to RMNP

We woke up to a beautiful view of the mountains, brilliant blue sky dotted with puffy clouds and took the opportunity to head into the park.  Because of the time of year (and the snow earlier in the week was not at all uncommon for that area), most of the park is sadly closed until June.  The week before we left, David showed me a picture he found online of the visitor’s center at the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park and the snow pack was to the roof line, about 16 feet and it’s not uncommon for the roads to be covered in 20+ feet of snow; thus they only keep the perimeter, lower altitude roads maintained for year-round visitors.

And the entrance fee is not reduced ($20) even though you can only go in about 1/16th of the park, but I like to think of it as our annual donation to the national park system (and frankly it’s worth it!).  We had a great time and were able to spend a good 4 hours in the park, admiring the views, breathing in the pristine air and spying on some of the wildlife.

The dogs were ancy (and aren’t allowed on any trails in the park, just perimeter parking areas), so we dropped them off at the cabin, headed into town where it felt luxuriously warm at nearly 60 degrees and dined on sushi outside near the river that runs behind the main street.  Afterwards, we slowly traipsed our way in and out of little shops, supported the local economy with a few small purchases and enjoyed ice cream in the sun.

We ended the afternoon at our favorite independent coffee shop where they serve up a delicious Mexican hot chocolate and authentic chai (dolloped with fresh, thick whipped cream).  Mmm…

We returned back to the cabin where the sun was setting, dined on nachos on our picnic table and didn’t say much trying to soak up the beauty all around us as well as the awareness that it was our last night there.

This morning we awoke to a frigid 30 degree fog and made our way home where we’ve been greeted by a heavy snowfall.  And as much as we loved our retreat, it was nice to come home and jump into our large, cozy bed where we are permanently parked for the rest of the day.  Perfection.

Whatever your plans are for this year, I hope you make some time for yourself, shut down from technology and spend time in nature, even if only in your backyard or local park.

Of course, if you can make it to the Rockies, that certainly doesn’t hurt the cause either… ;)

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