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I know I’ve been a bit quiet this week.  I find that it’s often feast or famine when it comes to blog ideas.  Last week feast, this week famine.  It was also a busy week in terms of orders, many of them custom.  And David was out of town for business and though I always think it will mean more time for me to do work, crafting, leisure activities, I’m always surprised by how the opposite is true *scratching head*.  However it was a great week for getting together with girlfriends and that in itself is such a charge to the proverbial batteries.

Though this doesn’t really tie in with the theme of this blog, I just wanted to share with you this frightening creature I found in my shower today after I already got in:

I know the scale is difficult to tell but let me assure you, this guy is huge (about 2 inches in diameter – which is about the length of my pinky finger) and nearly sent me into a panicked frenzy.

You see, I don’t have the typical fear of bugs.  So long as they don’t fly in my face or hair, then I’m okay (but if they do, well…it’s game over).  We have lots of large moths that come in at night as we don’t have screens on our doors/windows (there are no mosquitoes up here) and we usually have them flung open at night to cool off the house from the full on sun exposure that we get during the day at 8,300 feet closer-to-the-sun.  As such, the moths flock inside and I have no issues grabbing them gently and escorting them back outside.  Same with beetles, stink bugs and other creepy-crawlies, so long as they don’t fly into me (‘cause then the unconscious, involuntary side kicks in and self-preservation – or at least that’s what I must be thinking at the time when I go all psycho on the bug – prevails).

Since moving to this house, we’ve had all sorts of bug issues and I attribute it to the fact that when they were building it (a log home), our builder kept the logs outside on the ground for a couple weeks before building with them and then took another couple week before putting in windows/doors and sealing up the house.  I’m certain that all sorts of creatures in the woods here set up shop in our logs and each year for the first couple years it was as if certain bugs hatched from the walls (sounds gross and it is but we quickly learned to seal up our logs, if not for energy savings itself).  So the first year, we had a terrible fly issue, then the following year it was grasshoppers galore (although the grasshoppers tend to stay downstairs and I’ve seen them come out of the drains so I suspect they’re not so much from the logs, but from the drainage/septic/well system).  Ahh, country living.

And then there are the spiders, which are an entirely different class to me and have been setting up shop in our house every year, all year long.  It can be gently falling from a web in a plant, 10 feet away and I go crazy.  I can’t see them or know their presence is in the house.  David, on the other hand, is fascinated with insects, especially spiders and will even try to find a bumbling fly to “feed” the spider with by dropping into its web.  Usually I call on him to take care of any spiders I spot, which he will easily cup in his hands and attach it to a plant outside (I don’t know how he can touch it!).  Perhaps it was “Arachnophobia”  - the movie – that I saw, no less, on an IMAX 360 theater (the only one I’ve ever seen in my life when on a trip to CA when I was 15) that scarred me.  Can you imagine spiders coming at you from all directions?  Damaging, I say.

So you can imagine what courage it took for me not to go all texas-chainsaw-massacre on this guy with a giant shoe.  Instead, I knew I had to save this specimen for David who I’m picking up today at the airport.  I know he’ll be intrigued and impressed with my bravery.  This spider is like a mini tarantula and looking at him now in this glass jar only inches away from the keyboard sends shivers up my spine.

If nothing else, I’m trying to remember that spiders are important and help control the other insects that have made their way out of the wood and into our house.  But still, they freak . me. out.

Tell me I’m not the only one…what “bugs” you?  Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. ;)

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