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Sorry guys; it sucks not being able to share my artwork with you right now but it’s a necessary evil in order to launch a new portfolio for the Atlanta gift show in January.

But I’m still a creating fool…creating about 20 pieces a week (or about 60+ hours a week, not including working on orders for my shop).  It’s tiresome but exhilarating to be creating so much.  The house is still a crazy mess covered in paper piles, bottles of matte medium and tubes of paint…

Ah, but it’s all good.

I’m pushing past my creative boundaries and trying bright colors…

But still sticking to my earthy vintage hues that I love…

Still using vintage stamps…

And trying new styles yet also keeping to my inspirational themes…

I was really hoping to create some new stuff for my shop but frankly, I’m running out of time, but it’s still a hope!

Thanks for following me along and as soon as I can share more, I will…promise!

It’s supposed to snow up here this weekend, so I’ll be sharing pics if it does!  Have a great weekend everyone ♥

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Sorry to keep you all waiting on my “big news,” but it has been a crazy week and a half full of ups and downs, back and forth, and lots of changes (and the news was changing so much day to day that I’ve rewritten the draft of this very post 4 times, all with different outcomes!).  But now it’s official and I can post this.

So I’ll cut to the chase:  I got signed on as an artist with a very well respected and renowned art licensing agency and have a manufacturer interested in licensing my artwork on their gorgeous home decor products

Oh. My. God.

Now what’s art licensing, you might ask?  It’s when a manufacturer contracts you to use your artwork on products they manufacture.  Like when you walk into a Hallmark store or boutique and see cute items with fun artwork or when you’re in a Target and see fun wall art or a tin canister, stacking boxes or a home decor piece with a design or artwork on it?  It’s likely that they received the goods from a manufacturer that has licensed the artwork from an artist (and not an in-house design team).

Long time followers of this blog will recall me mentioning in the past that my goal for 2011 was to get into licensing, but it’s much harder to break into the industry than it sounds.  Since last December, I’ve sent dozens of emails to agents and manufacturers asking them to consider my artwork and have received some no’s but I mostly received no responses back (kind of like trying to find a great job in this economy!).  I knew this industry was tough to get into and takes time, persistence and a decent sized portfolio.  So I put on my big girl panties and kept plugging away at my artwork and starting creating collections.

Luck was on my side when this particular manufacturer found my artwork on Etsy.  Hallelujah!  I was always so envious of those “I was found on Etsy” stories and now I am one of them.

I had already researched art licensing quite a bit this past year, read lots of books, spent hours on blogs and websites and tried to learn as much as possible.  I knew that I couldn’t go this deal alone.  I needed an agent to broker this deal on my behalf (to help me avoid anything that would tie me in to an unfavorable legal contract) or an Intellectual Property attorney.  So I contacted both (and now that I had a potential deal on the table, I was able to prove merit/potential to an agency that I’ve been wanting to work with all year).

In the past 10 days I’ve learned so much – about the industry, how things really work, how legal contracts work, etc…but I’ve also learned that I have a LOT more to learn.  My brain is on overload.

And as you can imagine it’s been a roller-coaster week of emotions from all the information and changes, from skepticism, to elation, to confusion, back to excitement then to disappointment and finally circling back to a place of joy.

So while I’ll still be creating goods in my handmade shop, this fall will be about creating a ton of new pieces as well as refining previous pieces.  My agent’s plan is for me to perfect my portfolio in the fall so they can do a big launch of me as an artist and my lines at the Atlanta gift show – the biggest trade show in the industry.

This is something that I have been wishing and hoping for over the past year…

Something I’ve been goal-setting for, visualizing and dreaming about…

And something I’ve sent my intentions out to the universe almost a year ago…and now it has manifested.  (*thank you Law of Attraction*)  My level of gratitude is incomprehensible.

Thank you for following me on this journey, cheering me on and bearing witness to my crazy story of the past 2 years.  So, so grateful.

xo Jennifer

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