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I was fortunate to go to Saguaro National Park yesterday – a beautiful place just northwest of Tucson where the saguaro cactus sprout seemingly everywhere.  It was beautiful, but sad.  Sad in that it was a Saturday, we were one of two groups in the visitor center and when we returned to the park later in the day to do the highly touted sunset loop (which I’ve done twice before, once 20 years ago, the other time 12 years ago), we were the only one on the entire road save for one other vehicle.  On a Saturday.  In a national park.

It’s no wonder these parks are in trouble!  Luckily my girlfriend did her part and paid the $80 for an annual NP park.  It’s up to us to support these gems because the government certainly can’t.

Perhaps it was the heat (which admittedly I succumbed to like no way I ever have in my life – my face was purple from just being outside a couple minutes; I was extremely nauseous and had a pounding headache.  I was beyond hot.  I was feeling ill).  Luckily once I got in a cool place, I was feeling much better.  But hoo-wee, that heat is nasty!

We did get a moment to visit Mission San Xavier del bac – a Spanish-style white church that pops out of the dessert floor and a place I’ve once visited before (and wanted to share with my girlfriend).

We both share a love of old architecture and an appreciation of religious icons (though neither of us are religious) so this was the perfect place to satisfy both!

We then made our way into downtown Tucson for dinner at the suggestion of a friend who once lived there.


We made our way back to the park for our sunset loop before the 2 hour drive back through lightning and a light dust storm to Phoenix.  It was one heck of a scenic day.

Today we head to Sedona *fingers crossed it’s cooler*  Meanwhile David is texting me about how cool it is at the house (in the 50′s).  Though there are charming (?) elements to the desert, you’ll never catch me living here!!  I like the cold, thank you very much!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend (and that those of you on the East Coast are staying safe!)

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Sorry for the spottiness I’m actually in Phoenix!  And I’m calling it the City of the Rising Sun because yesterday it hit a new record as the hottest day every in the month of August – 117 degrees.  Good god, I’m melting!

I’m here to visit my girlfriend Jess (one of the fab 5 I’ve talked about before who recently moved here) and staying for a long weekend.  Yes it’s a dry heat, but I know it’s hot when my cheeks get fiery red in a matter of minutes with little exertion.

Yesterday I visited with previous colleagues (the company I worked for previously as a regional manager is based out of Phoenix) so it was nice to visit with old friends, but my girlfriend and I are tearing it up, trekking to Tucson today and to Sedona tomorrow…quick road trips, lots of laughter.

And because she’s such a techie, I’m writing you using her mobile hot spot on her phone.  But since my laptop is cooking on my lap and is  hard to see with the glare of the sun I’ll leave you with a couple quick pictures from our trip this a.m. to the Desert Botanic Garden before we “expired” (but I’ll be back with more pics hopefully this evening).

Have I mentioned it’s hot? ;)

*hoping all my family, friends, and readers on the East Coast are safe; thinking of you ♥


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