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I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a love affair with Rhode Island.  The nostalgic memories associated with this state are so good, they are almost painful.  I spent a good portion of my younger years in this state’s playground, so my parents always make it a point to take me back when I come home during the warm season.

I think the thing I love most about the Rhode Island shore is its predictability.  It looks very much the same as it always has.  Sure, there is a new grocery store in the area and even a Dunkin Donuts that’s fairly new.  But other than that, there’s been very little development.  It’s very much the way it has always been.  Pure and unadulterated.

We spent the day at the beach, an hour plus of that time riding waves in the cool but comfortable ocean water.  Later we had dinner at a favorite seafood restaurant on the shoreline of a little fishing town.  We visited the local lighthouse, pointed out familiar spots and reminisced over “remember when…” conversations.

And I sighed.  I sighed a lot.  I really miss that place.

It’s quiet, rustic, and un-hurried.

Mom and pop shops, saltbox houses, and hardworking fishing vessels.

Clam and lobster shacks, ice cream stands and loads of charm.

Just something about this place…

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