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Duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!

Yes, that’s exactly what they are…eggs, that is.

I recently found out that a local acquaintance keeps chickens, ducks, even geese and sells their eggs.  I was happy to have a back-up plan because although we love the eggs we get from our local guys, sometimes their girls go dry or they have so many customers to supply that they aren’t able to give us the amount we wish to purchase.  Having a back-up plan means always having enough eggs in our household (not only do we love ‘em, we also like to add to our dogs kibble a couple times a week).

But when I recently purchased from her, she included a couple extra, larger and speckled gems.  Turkey, duck and goose eggs.

I admit, I was a little squeemish to try them.  I knew cognitively that they were just another type of poultry egg, but still they were unfamiliar.  But I referred back to a memory when I was traveling for work and a rep took my colleague and I out to dinner and we shared a bunch of entrees a la buffet style.  One of the entrees was duck and though I skipped the first go around, I decided to give it a try when the rest of my dinner mates went on incessantly about how good it was.  And they were right.  Note to self, be open to trying new foods.

So last week we fried ‘em and with trepidation, I took my first bite.  And you know what?  It tasted just like a chicken egg…except 10 times richer.  The yolk was buttery rich, like a hollaindaise sauce.

This week we ordered more, though will only be doing so on rare occasions as each egg is about as expensive as an entire dozen of chicken eggs; though I like supporting a local food “artisan.”

Have you tried finding local eggs?  I implore you to support local food; good for you and your local economy!

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