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Created in January and forgot to post! Have a couple of these, will post more in the near future...

Typically I can only fit in painting sessions on Saturdays, (something I’m fixing with a new change to my schedule that is working great) but this past Saturday, there was no painting to be had.  I had to wrap up inventory and business taxes.  What a P.I.T.A. (personal taxes are a BREEZE compared to business taxes) and each year I swear we won’t wait until the last minute.  But when you’re married to a procrastinator who likes to do this kind of stuff at the very last second, well, what can you do?  (love ya hon, mean it!)

However, I was able to sneak in a quick painting session on Sunday night to finish up this the mother daughter piece I started last week:

And I created a set of simple hearts, this being one of them:

I started a couple more sketches, but just finished the last bit of inventory/taxes piece tonight (we have to literally go through hundreds of receipts and calculate the cost of every last thing, to the last piece of cardstock, the last inch of twine, the last few drops of paint…oh it’s brutal I tell you!) so I’m hoping I can dedicate a lot more time to creating in the next couple of weeks.

Meantime, I have convinced David to have standing dates each month so we can sit down, reconcile sales/purchases/receipts/cost of goods and do away with this stress next year.  Time will tell…

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