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Letting Go Girl

I mentioned in my previous post that I felt I needed some time away from the internet (save for my work) to clear my head, my psyche and so I wouldn’t compare myself to the success of others.  But the other reason is because I tend to get over-inspired by ideas on the internet and it can be so overwhelming that I become paralyzed to start!

So when I announced to my husband that I was going on an internet diet for a month, he kindly replied, “Why don’t you try it for a week?”  Though I wanted to do something drastic, I knew he was right and reasonable.  A week was a good start and I could always extend it out.

And so for a week I stayed away from Facebook (my personal page), Twitter, Pinterest, and other’s blogs.  I tried to stay off the Etsy forums (where I spend about an hour each day) but I was unsuccessful because it really does contain nuggets of information for micro-businesses and I learn something new nearly every day (though it can also be a major time suck so needs to be managed).  The only other time spent on the internet was to run my shops, promote my goods and purchase supplies for my business.  Nothing social, nothing recreational, nothing to waste time on.

And the results???  Major productivity!


I made it a point to be at my painting table by 7pm every night, if not earlier, and found that I was able to create a lot of new material.  It was refreshing.

Knowledge girl

I created new pieces, actualized old ideas and even finished up previous pieces like these square blocks that were once butterfly pieces I wasn’t crazy about that I painted/decoupaged over and made into new tea pieces:

PicMonkey Collage

I only painted Mon.-Thur. as Friday was a date night for us and this past weekend we started working on house projects, but even in those 4 days I accomplished quite a bit.  We are hoping to put our house on the market in the spring, so there is lots to be done on that front to get it move-in ready and turn-key for the next residents so I won’t be able to earmark as much time for continual creating.  But the change in schedule has freed up a lot more time for me and I’m hoping to stick with it so I can tackle my to-do list and find time each week to create.

And you know what, as addictive as it can be, I’m going to stay off my personal FB page (the drama on my newsfeed just annoys me, so I’m staying off), I’ve unsubscribed from a lot of blogs and when I need inspiration, I’ll just refer to all my journals/sketchbooks which has tons of ideas waiting to be sprouted.

And it helps me to stick to my new year’s theme of decluttering; just getting rid of a lot negative space, negative energy and negativity in my life and that’s always a good thing.

Deserving girl

Hope you take more time to take care of your needs, block out the negatives and spend more time on what you want to be doing (instead of wasting time on the time-sucks and energy-sucks of the world!).  Wishing you all a good week.

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Alright, I’ve been busy going through my house trying to go through every corner, basket and closet trying to find every last project that needs finishing and item that I could possibly place in my booth space while I still have it for the next 3 weeks.  Trouble is, with the thousands of dollars in merchandise I have there and even with the 20% off my entire booth, I’ve sold a whopping $20 in 4 days.  Worst week ever!  Perhaps it’s the universe confirming that I need to get the hell outta there!

Still I’ll try to clear out my house in the hopes of generating the most amount of sales by Oct. 31st and have the least amount of inventory to count come Dec. 31st!

I still have several dozen vintage/antique apothecary jars so I decided to decorate a bunch using bits and bobs of paper, ribbon, twine, vintage ephemera and metal embellishments to create these cute altered bottles:

I enjoyed making these so much and still have a lot of bottles left that I think I might try selling these in my shop as well.

I’ve listed some new and “newer older” work in my shop as well, including the last two of my Halloween girls for this year:

And an Autumn Girl that I sketched out last fall but finally incorporated into a painting this year!

And these older pieces featuring the French macaron (which I completed months ago but needed to add captions to and scan):

And here’s a new girl that I created last week…I have angels on the mind a lot lately…

And a re-do on an old piece:

Finally, I’ve updated my goodies shop with some seasonal items…like these eco-friendly gift tags:

And eco-friendly stickers:

I’ve been clearly keeping busy, but doing everything I can to make it work!  Thanks for checking out what I’m up to and passing it along :)

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I’ve found more items that I created, then sat off to the side until I either:

  • finished them up
  • reworked them
  • or just finished scanning/seaming together

First, a bunch of heart collections…

Click on image to see wording better

These I grabbed from words in a book that I brought together to form unique sayings…writing is a little on the small side, but still quirky I think…

These are vintage-inspired hearts I created to break out of my colorful heart mold.  I stuck to warm tones, beiges, tans, etc.

This is the “reworked” Pregnant Girl I did a little while ago…I just never liked the original and learned quickly that I need to work on my side profiles!!

These girls got finished up…

And this collage is an old one I did over a year ago, but felt like it was never quite ready to go so I reworked it a bit…

And finally a newer girl, Starlight Angel.  All these originals are available (soon to be listed in my shop) and of course I can create a card, journal, magnet, bookmark, mounted print out of any of these images using my pick any options.

I just scanned 20 more pieces today of mostly newer stuff (and I have 20 canvases prepped and ready for some seasonal/harvest-type stuff) so I’ll be sharing lots over the next couple weeks.  Please check back or see my shop for more :)

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It’s been a while since I created a new girl…and several months since I’ve created a girl that was 16×20 in size.  As you know, I’m big on gratitude and with Thanksgiving not that far off, I wanted to create a piece that spoke to both.

Usually the imagery of Thanksgiving is a cornucopia of fruit and vegetables; but this girl I wanted to paint a cornucopia of hearts or love.  Give thanks for the love in your life and be sure to give it back as well.

I’ll be listing her in my shop for $175; you, my blog readers, get a sneak peek before I get the listing and additional photos in my shop, so if you’re interested in her before I list, let me know!

Now, if you like this girl, but want a more cost effective option, you can get a mounted print of this girl. (like the segue into my new topic? *wink*)

Here’s an example of an 11×14 mounted print I created

Mounted prints on wood give the look and feel of an original, but cost much less.  The print is literally mounted onto a cradled wood panel and is ready to hang.  Choose all black sides or patterned paper sides for a more quirky look.

You can choose from 4 sizes: (the following are for rectangular images)

11×14: $55

8×10: $32.50

5×7: $22.50

ACEO (2.5×3.5″): $7.50

To give you perspective on the different sizes…

These are the small ACEO mounted prints; they’re popular in the art world as their inexpensive price makes it easy to collect a bunch. These are the only ones that are full wood blocks and 3/4″ on the sides

With the exception of the ACEO blocks (as mentioned above), the mounted prints come on cradled wood meaning they are open on the backside for easy hanging.  The sides measure 7/8″

And for the square images in my shop…

I also carry mounted prints in square sizes

12×12: $50

8×8: $27.50

6×6: $22.50

4×4: $15

Click here to get to my mounted print sections in my art shop but note I’m still just beginning to add specific mounted prints, but you can choose any of the “Pick any image” options for any size and let me know the print you want mounted.

What my kitchen island looked like the other day when I cranked out a bunch to bring to the Barn (several have sold already, yay!)

Last night I prepped a bunch of backgrounds on canvas for some fall-themed pieces I’m working on, so stay tuned for some more new artwork!  Thanks for checking out what I’m up to!

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As mentioned the other day, I took one night last week to sketch out some new girls while watching American Idol (I’m a dork) and came up with these 3 curly girls…as you can see, they are mostly in sketch mode still but the one in the foreground as least has a background and a dress…now for some arms…yeah, I forgot to include those!  (I told you it’s been a while since I sketched!)

A couple weeks ago I did some finishing touches on my latest sisterhood/friendship piece but still feel like it needs some work…words on the dress, something else in the background?  This is a 16×20 so it’s pretty apparent that there’s some empty space going on, so I still have yet to figure it out!

This is a piece I created a while ago, but never quite finished it, so here it is complete…now I have to scan it 6 different ways as it’s also a 16×20 and my scanner is much smaller.  Then piece it together, edit, then take more photos, then list…I tell you, so much more than just painting pieces in this business!

Remember that pile of paper pieces all over the couch and floor from the mayhem of last week?  Well I finally cleaned up…

But as usual, the dining room table took the brunt of all my projects in the process of being worked on, touched up or photographed.  A clear dining room table is reserved strictly for when company comes over and that’s a rare thing!

I haven’t been able to do any painting/creative work this week and not sure I will be able to.  I forgot how much extra work it is to hold down the “fort” and 3 ADD dogs without help, so days have been spent working to fill orders; nights are cleaning, laundry, dishes and more work.  I’m looking forward to when David gets back on Friday and think I just might put my shop on hold for a couple days just to reconnect with him and take a breather.

I have more pieces I’ve worked on, but I’m still sticking it out with licensing and need to keep most of my non-girl stuff under wraps for a bit.  But I’ll still try to provide glimpses of work each week.  Thanks for stopping by and take a peek!

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Sorry I haven’t been posting much; don’t really feel like I have anything interesting to say.  It’s sometimes hard to come up with new material to discuss when you barely leave your house!

I’ve been really focused the past week and have been doing a lot of work updating my shop and creating new options with my artwork.  And even though I expected to be slow this week, I’ve had one of my busiest weeks ever, so I’m loving working on orders and connecting with customers.  However this also means that I haven’t taken out my camera much at all this week so I don’t have many pictures to share.

David and I also joined others en masse in eating lighter this week (after an all out gorge for the holidays) so my sugar and fat detox made me a little cranky and not very interested in being social – ha!

I didn’t create any new paintings this week but did play digitally with some old backgrounds I’ve had on file using the tons of Oprah quotes I’ve collected and adore.

I made 12 to start and this afternoon made them into inspirational cards that I’m adding to my shop

Something about the new year and feeling inspired about change and enhancing your life.  I fully admit I get bit by the New Year’s bug (if you haven’t already figured out by previous posts!).

It snowed last night so we’re enjoying the last weekend with our tree up and the snow surrounding us.

Pups are all good, everything is otherwise pretty kosher and calm and life is pretty darn good.

I hope you’ve had a peaceful Sunday; wishing you all a good week!

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(and doing something creative)

I’m generally a happy and positive person; I bound out of bed early each morning and eager to start each day.

But this morning was different…I woke up in the worst mood.  Tired.  Cranky.  And sad.

Do you ever get those moments where you feel like the thing you’ve been wishing and hoping for won’t come to fruition and you just deflate?  Yeah, that was me today.

I thought about going back to bed.  Typically a bad mood can be overcome with a couple hours of sleep.  But instead, I decided to paint.  And as I often do when going to sleep or in a cathartic state of paint, I count my blessings…kind of like a prayerful mantra.  And of this came the piece above.  And sure enough, after counting my blessings and spending the day painting, the fog had lifted and I had created 5 new pieces.

So next time you get in that mood, start a gratitude list in your head.  And don’t just defer to the big things (i.e. family, home, a job) – and not that those are important, they most certainly are!  But I find that I can crack a smile thinking of the smallest things in my day:

The person that held the door open for me at the post office…

The person that let me skip the line at the grocery store…

The person who gave me a compliment or sent me a nice email…

The sweet thing that my spouse said or did for me…

Even something the dogs did that made me laugh.

Sometimes it’s those little things, those ordinary moments that can carry us through those foggy times.  And through a grateful heart comes many great opportunities.

Persistence and patience meantime ;)


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Sorry guys; it sucks not being able to share my artwork with you right now but it’s a necessary evil in order to launch a new portfolio for the Atlanta gift show in January.

But I’m still a creating fool…creating about 20 pieces a week (or about 60+ hours a week, not including working on orders for my shop).  It’s tiresome but exhilarating to be creating so much.  The house is still a crazy mess covered in paper piles, bottles of matte medium and tubes of paint…

Ah, but it’s all good.

I’m pushing past my creative boundaries and trying bright colors…

But still sticking to my earthy vintage hues that I love…

Still using vintage stamps…

And trying new styles yet also keeping to my inspirational themes…

I was really hoping to create some new stuff for my shop but frankly, I’m running out of time, but it’s still a hope!

Thanks for following me along and as soon as I can share more, I will…promise!

It’s supposed to snow up here this weekend, so I’ll be sharing pics if it does!  Have a great weekend everyone ♥

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