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But meantime, I’ve enjoyed playing with some of my old photos, textures and quotes…which are kind of like mini workouts to painting marathons.

boats - written no border

I’m going through that introspective phase that typically happens 2 or 3 times a year for me (I swear, I’m not trying to play the dramatic artist card here!)…

daisy - writing no border

Trying to figure where I want to focus my energy and where I want to let things go…

birds - written no border

What people I want to focus on and what people I need to let go…

poppy - written2

And trying to stay away from FB, blogs and the internet save for what’s necessary for my work because it’s hard not to compare yourself to others (especially those that are very successful and not feel bad about where you are).


So meantime, I’m sorting through my feelings through digital art (even mounted this guy on a 12×12 piece of wood).  But I can hear the decoupage calling…

It won’t be long.

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I’ve noticed that there is a widespread growth in digital art.  Most of the licensed artists out there are digital artists, that is, they create on the computer.  I don’t have anything against those folks (in fact, I admire their digital skills, it’s so intimidating to me!).  But it has made it a bit difficult for me to get my work out in the licensing world as digital art is so, well, perfect and thus suited for commercial products.  Mixed media is anything but.  Mixed media is smudging, blending of lines, often a lack of symmetry, spontaneous…

And I think that’s part of why I love it.  The perfectionist in me can let go, color outside the lines, be messy.

So, you’ll never see me convert into a full-blown graphic/digital artist.  But I am intrigued, so very intrigued.  I love the collaging aspects that can be done in Photoshop or similar programs, adding layers upon layers, incorporating scans, photography and artwork.  Not to mention that I’ve been told that I *have* to learn Photoshop as a licensed artist as there are times a manufacturer may want something omitted from a piece (i.e. wording) or may want to move my subject to a different place on my background.

I’ve dug my heels in the ground and let my fear and feelings of being overwhelmed by a complex computer program hold me back.  But taking it VERY slowly and learning one tool at a time has, well, opened up a whole new world to me.  Ideas are swirling and I’m actually getting excited by all the possibilities!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will not stop creating art with my hands.  I love the tactile feeling of paper, paint and glue commingling, oil pastels smudging, ink dripping.  I will forever have a veritable paper trail of scraps on my floors.  I am a collage artist and papercrafter at heart.  But I love being able to add the ability to collage digitally to my arsenal.  It’s like learning a new skill to expand your repertoire.

As you can see, I’ve included some pieces throughout this post of things I’ve done.  If you’re a photoshop pro, this will be very elementary to you, but I’m still happy with what I’m producing, love being able to use the postcards I’ve sourced as well as some of my photography.  It’s a process.

Can you tell I have a fascination with hydrangeas?  They are indeed my favorite flower.

Enjoying the process, but will have my hands all up in matte medium, paint and paper scraps today…I have a long list of things to create and it’s “Saturday paint day” afterall!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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