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Panoramic shot of Sedona (line in the middle is solar glare - I had my lil' point and shoot)

Man, we pounded the pavement this weekend and I’m beat!  But we had a great time and took in a lot of sights, including our trip to Sedona yesterday which is frankly all eye candy.  Constantly uttering, “look at that!” and “oh, this is just so beautiful!” we tried to take in as much as we could before returning to Phoenix for the day so my girlfriend could return to work today and I could catch my flight back home.

View from the visitor's center

If you’ve never been, Sedona is beautiful red rock country and is said to be the sight of many energetic vortex sites where it’s said that many can feel a healing energy.  Though we didn’t have the time to inspect too many of these spots, we did manage to ride the typical tourist route and take in the views during our quick jaunt.

So, being that it’s photo Monday, I’ll shut up now and let the pictures spell it out for you ;)

Not bad for my lil’ point-n-shoot camera (my nice camera took an unfortunate fall a while back and I need to take it in to get fixed).  But I do love my Sony cybershot!

Have a great Monday!

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