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Oh, I’ve been on a spending bender.  The kind that even makes me feel a little woozy.  You see, I’ve found Craigslist.  I mean, I’ve used Craigslist in the past, but now I check it daily.  Baaaad.  And I also went to about 10, yes 10, garage/yard sales last weekend.  It’s really addicting, but I’ve got to watch my budget!!

The good news is that I didn’t really break the bank.  I’ve spent about $150 worth and all of it reused/old stuff, so nothing new and I’m giving second life to items.  And I’m having FUN! (but really, I’ve got to watch it!)

Anywho…I’ve been so busy working on projects that I didn’t paint anything for my shop…more for decor and possible items to sell down the road in my goodies shop as upcycled goods.  I’ve been able to get so much purchased and so many projects worked on that this will just have to be a multi-post.

Alright, enough yappy…here are the goods and transformations:

First I found this really heavy, albeit gaudy wood frame at the antique store a couple weeks back.

And painted/distressed it:

I love how the ornate corners pop out when distressed…

This guy was painted with a $1 quart of “oops” paint at the hardware store (love that!) and then a glaze (3 parts water to 1 part brown paint – I only use about 1 tbsp. water to 1 tsp. paint) was applied over and then wiped off before drying to give it that grungy/rustic look.  It came as just the open frame and I’m going to display it open as well for that shabby chic look.

I also had this photo frame I found at the thrift store for $2.

Actually not bad at all…but nothing is safe from me and my desire to PAINT!!

You can’t really tell, but it’s a light sage green (also an oops paint find).  But, this frame came with glass, so I painted right over it with a magnetic primer followed by chalkboard paint and voila – it’s now a framed magnetic chalkboard!

But then I decided to replace this odd ceramic tray on our dresser with it and put assorted metal hardware finds on it (as well as a great pair of “XO” letterpress letters) – of course, all used and very vintage.

Tomorrow I’ll show you more of how the rest of our dresser got transformed to fit our new look.  But first, another frame!!

This one, be-still-my-heart, was given to me free when I bought a pair of antique doors last year on Craiglist (and I’ll be showing you in another week or two just how those doors are being used!).  The woman who sold me her 1907 doors asked if I would want this gorgeous gilded frame?  Um, yes please!!

As you can see, I almost forgot to show you the before!

Don’t mind my old shower curtain turned drop cloth.

More beautiful, ornate corners…

I love the large cracks in the frame…shows its age but still has lots of life left to it!

I originally wanted to use it to frame my boring corkboard and just may do that in the future; but meantime, I love the look of empty frames on a shelf/mantle/tall dresser (don’t mind the terra cotta paint, it’s going to get a re-do too!)

Phew, and I’m not even a quarter of the way done showing you everything.  That’s why my dining room table/project area looks like this…

Oy vay.  I can hear my french mother groaning 2,000 miles away at my sharing this with you all.  What’s that saying about a well kept house is a sign of a misspent life?  ;)

Come back tomorrow for more updates!

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