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Friday it was this…

This morning it is this…

Spring in Colorado…gotta love it!

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Lovely sight

David’s weekend couldn’t have landed at a better time in the week as we got our first substantial snow storm of the season.

It was great huddling down in bed, watching Zombie movies (we watch non-stop horror flicks during the month of October) and doing some much needed work on-line with my shops.  Etsy has made some recent changes that have caused sales to plummet (for a huge amount of sellers) so I had to go back to the drawing board and spend many, many hours rewording titles, descriptions and tags.  Such a tedious, mind-numbing task, but under the covers, while watching movies and the snow falling outside made it that much more manageable.

It’s a chilly 9 degrees this morning and clearly we need to do some shoveling once it warms up.  Knowing Colorado weather and the bright sun that’s peeking over the ridge, it will likely be all melted by tomorrow.

Hope you’re all staying warm!!

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