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…this is a fair amount of snow this late in the year!

I’ve seen snow year round in Colorado (the mountaintops can be covered in July and I’ve been caught in an August storm on the top of Mt. Evans once), and it snows at our house up until the middle of May (usually always on my birthday!) but usually just a dusting.

And we’ve never had our trees bloom before June before and they were sprouted in April (one branch actually sprouted the last week of March which is 2 months too early!).

And by the look of the bending branches, I’m just hoping they’ll pull through!  So while the rest of you are probably in Tee’s and flipflops drinking iced coffee,  I think it’ll be a hot cocoa day here!

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Friday it was this…

This morning it is this…

Spring in Colorado…gotta love it!

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