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Last fall I created Truth Girl for my dear friend Valerie:

At the time I was still new to creating paintings so I didn’t understand the importance of making my lettering LARGE for reprints.  I have since learned but in case you can’t read, it says, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth” – Buddha

I created the piece for my friend because she was coming up on the anniversary of her son’s death.  He was only 26 years old when his life was taken, the circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious and foul play is a concern.  He suffered fatal trauma to the head and it’s unknown if it was caused from a fall or if he was hit in some way.  The details are muddy, the police not very forthcoming and my poor friend is a grieving mother with no answers.

She knows someone had to have seen something, someone knows more and is not speaking up.  The truth is out there and she is desperate to discover it.

Click on image to see video

She asked me to share this YouTube video showing a police news conference with Valerie and her children pleading with the public for information.  Please do her the honor of watching it here.

Throughout her grieving process, she often cited the Buddha quote in Truth Girl so it inspired me to make her the piece.  I offered to donate 50% of the proceeds of Truth Girl Merchandise to help her with finding out more info, whether that be advertising to the greater public or hiring a cold case investigator.  She graciously thanked me but needed more time.

Yesterday, almost a year later and coming up on the 3rd anniversary of Chase’s death, we met up and she is ready to move forward with a cold case investigator – a former police chief that has created a new business working unsolved files.  This will cost her quite a bit and she is a single mom of 3 with little money to afford this.  She asked for my help, so I am retroactively donating her the proceeds of previous Truth Girl purchases and continuing with future purchases.

So with that, we are relaunching Truth Girl items and hoping to generate funds and interest in the case again.  If you’d like to help her out with the purchase of a Truth Girl item, go to my shop (you can do a search for “Truth Girl” in my shop, or if you’re having trouble finding the option you want, just let me know!)  or if you’d like to donate to her directly, email me at jennifer [at] greenearthgoodies.com and I’ll connect you to her.

Thank you from the bottom of my ♥

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