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Sorry been MIA…this weekend I cranked through a bunch of custom orders…the last of the bunch as I’ve decided to no longer to take custom requests for a multitude of reasons.  Soon I’ll be free to follow my heart and creative muse, wherever it takes me.

Anyhow, I did manage to let my creative spirit have at it on canvas last weekend…hearts on the mind:


The red background for “potential heart” is actually foil candy wrappers that I saved from a recent chocolate binge (LOL!).  I really look at things differently now.  Before it was “how can I upcycle this into a new product?”  Now it’s “how can I glue this down and use in one of my pieces?”  It’s all still eco-art!

Would love to get another girl or two completed this weekend.  And then since I won’t be doing custom orders which are tying up most of my time right now, I’ll be able to get all my prints/cards/etc. loaded to my shop as I know some of you have been asking when pieces I post here will be selling online.

I didn’t get all my valentine cards up as I had hoped…but I’m choosing to just let it go.  Maybe next year.  Trying to time seasonal stuff just isn’t my strong suit!

I did just sell my “You are Loved” box and decided to make a card set from all sides of the box and will be selling those soon as I find them so fun and whimsical.

I did want to share my new favorite things…totally eco-friendly vintage-y gift tags!  These guys are not only printed on FSC certified and recycled sticker sheets (with recyclable adhesive); they are also attached to reused pizza/cereal boxes giving them thickness/rigidity.  I have these up in my goodies shop now:

I have about 6 more different sets made up as well – just need to photograph and list them, so if you like this kind of thing, check back as I hope to have them up later this week!

Right now it’s freezing fog…a phenomenon I hadn’t witnessed until I moved to Colorado and it’s such a pretty sight…think of those fake snow covered pine needles.  That’s what it looks like minus snow on the ground…just clinging to trees, shrubs and grasses.  Pretty sight…I’ll try to share with you all tomorrow as we’ll be hunkering down.  The temp is not supposed to get above zero tomorrow (and that’s not including wind chill) so we’re going to take it easy and maybe have a movie marathon on our “Saturday.”

Hope the week is off to a good start for the rest of you!!

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